Satisfaction report: What Makes Employees in Ghana Happy?

What makes employees in Ghana happy?

The recent employee satisfaction report by Jobberman discovered key areas which employees find attractive in the companies where they work.

According to the report, flight risk is generally higher among energetic and experienced employees who fall between the ages of 36-45. What could possibly be the reason behind this?

Here are 4 key things that make employees in Ghana happy and look out for in any company they desire to work in.

1. Great and Relatable Company Values

Great and Relatable Company Values

Great and relatable company values as indicated above in one thing that makes employees want to stay and work in a particular company. This cut across all age groups. As a result, it is important as an employer to make sure your company’s mission, vision and values are very clear and relatable enough so it resonates with your employees.

2. Job Security

Employees are happy and are able to give out their best when they know their jobs are secured. The Jobberman employee satisfaction report highlighted that as a top priority among the older employees (45 years and above). Perhaps they consider their age to be an obstacle in finding a new job or they feel discouraged to apply to a position due to fear of ageism in the workplace.

However, Covid-19 and its uncertainties has brought an additional financial burden to employees making job security imperative for them to ensure their financial stability.

3. A Competitive Package

A Competitive Package

This does not only apply to money but also things like medical insurance, overtime pay and other remunerations that motivate the employees. Your workers are happy when they know that in times of misfortunes, their employer is right behind them. As an employer, don’t be afraid to bait your employees in exchange for their best selves.

4. Flexible Work Schedules

Flexible Work Schedules

Employees desire companies who are not too strict but have flexible working schedules to cater for emergencies.

Although Covid-19 pandemic caused most employees and companies around the world to adapt to the new normal, which is remote work. Most employees nowadays prefer to do a hybrid schedule which involves a bit of remote and in-person work.

These and many more were the findings of this employee satisfaction report. For more insightful revealings, download your free copy here.

Sylvester Adoa
Sylvester is a Marketing Associate at Jobberman Ghana. Sylvester has relevant skills in digital marketing, copywriting, content creation, administration, advocacy, and he is an enthusiast of business development.
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