Here is Why You Are Not Being Shortlisted For Job Interviews

As a job seeker, know your level of proficiency and the type of industry your qualifications fit. Do not apply to every job you come across. Not every job is meant for you.

Dear HR,

Two years ago I got a job offer through a friend. Unfortunately, I was not enjoying the job so I quit after 3months. I tried starting my own business but, it did not work out as I expected. I then decided to look for a job.

My friend introduced me to Jobberman. I created a job seeker account and I have been applying for jobs. In fact, I apply to almost every job I come across because I am desperately in need of a job.

Now my question is, why have I not been called for interviews, because I have applied to over 20 jobs within 2 months but I have not been called for a single interview.

What exactly is wrong? Is there something I am not doing right? What do I do?

Worried Job seeker, Kojo Mensah.

Response From HR

Dear Job seeker,

It is always a good thing to know your personality type and your strengths when it comes to career building.

Starting a business is a good thing. Also, note that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Every individual is unique in his or her way. Do study yourself and your personality type, what makes you unique, and then what ignites you towards work. In a nutshell, make it a point to identify your unique traits and that will be the beginning of greater things to come.

You mentioned you have applied to over 20 jobs within 2months and you have not had any feedback from employers. Wow! This is what we call spray and pray; the situation where job seekers apply to any job they come across out of desperation for a job.

We understand. Being unemployed is frustrating and affects your well-being as a human, yet you must know what you want and find the right way to get it.

Note that job hunting is not a game. Take your job hunting seriously. You must be very strategic when it comes to job search. You must plan. See yourself as a business and manage it well.

A lot of times most people fail to land their dream jobs because they have not been strategic about their job search. As stated earlier, you need to know who you are, what you want (the type of job), where you want it, and then you decide on how to get it.

Now, you must understand that online job applications have do’s and don’ts. You may have applied for a job you do qualify for but may not get called for an interview for various reasons known to the recruiter or employer. Yet, when it comes to online recruitment it may be due to some peculiar reasons.

These are the 2 main reasons why you are not being shortlisted for interviews.

1. You Apply to The Wrong Jobs or You Do Not Meet the Job Requirements

One major challenge job seekers face during their job search is applying to jobs they do not qualify for. As a job seeker, know your level of proficiency and the type of industry your qualifications fit. Do not apply to every job you come across. Not every job is meant for you. Always make sure you read the job description to understand the requirements before you apply.

You must be intentional about your job applications. This would help you stay focused on which jobs to apply and the ones not to apply. Employers are looking to hire the right people who will help grow their business. It is therefore imperative that you only apply to jobs you qualify for. For example; if a job requires a marketing qualification and you do not have that do not apply.

2. Your CV Do Not Pass the ATS Test

Jobberman Ghana you know is a digital recruitment platform and this means that all job applications and processes are backed by artificial intelligence (AI). What this means is that to ensure effective recruitment or in finding the best fit for advertised roles we use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which is AI-powered. This software enables recruiters and employers to find the most qualified candidates in the fastest and most effective way.

Due to high volumes of job applications, the ATS is used to electronically scan CVs for keywords and score your qualification based on the job description for that particular position you are applying for and it ranks your application.

A single job ad on Jobberman averagely attracts 200 applications. So imagine if your CV is not well optimized, you may miss out on a lifetime opportunity.

So then as a job seeker, you should understand that in as much as you need a job, you must be conscious of the information you put in your CV. Your CV is your marketing tool. It should be able to set you apart from other applicants.  You must tailor it to suit the job you are applying for. If you find it challenging optimizing your CV, send in your CV for a free review and get professional advice from our CV specialists here.

When you consider doing the above-mentioned right, your next application will surely land you an interview.

Do you have any question for HR? Send your message to JOBBERMAN GHANA on WhatsApp.

Genevieve Amponsah
Notification Bell