Reasons Why Company Names Are Hidden From Job Ads

Dear HR,

I have been working in my company for the past 4 years. For some time now I feel it is time for me to leave and look for a more challenging role.

I have been seriously job hunting. Currently at my level, I have a specific industry I desire to work which I think will make me feel fulfilled.

I know some employers do rely on third-party staffing and recruitment agencies like yours, to recruit for their firms. But I do not understand why the names of the companies are hidden from job advertisements. Is there a specific reason?

I really want to know why.

Worried Job Seeker,


Dear Jobseeker,

As a professional, it is always a good idea to test your relevance in the industry you find yourself in. Since we all desire to climb up the ladder and attain higher positions, looking for better opportunities is the way forward.

Now to your question, employers/companies hiding their names is not something new in the recruitment space. Every company has its own policies regarding recruitment and hiring. It is never wrong for a company to be anonymous during recruitment.

There are very genuine reasons why employers prefer not to reveal their company names while advertising vacant roles.

Here Are Two Main Reasons

1. Confidentiality

One of the major reasons employers rely on third-party recruiters when hiring is because they want to keep the search confidential.

If you chance on a job advertisement without the name of the company, chances are that the search for the best candidate is confidential. It could be the current employee for the specific role is underperforming and the employer wants to replace him/her without them noticing.

Also, there are very sensitive positions which demand a higher degree of trust and confidence and that is why employers prefer to remain anonymous when hiring.

With a confidential search like this, the names of the companies are revealed to candidates who pass a certain stage of the hiring process.

2. To Avoid Unnecessary Calls

Employers rely on third-party human resources/ recruitment companies like Jobberman for only the best fit for their roles. They do this to avoid unqualified and cultural misfits from applying to their vacant roles.

These employers believe that recruitment companies like Jobberman have the expertise to sort out, test for the best, and filter candidates for their vacant roles.

For instance, imagine a popular company like XYZ, advertises for a particular role. Although XYZ company is looking to fill their vacant role, there are job seekers who may bypass the recruitment consultant and contact the HR team at XYZ directly.

Some even reach out to close relations who work in such companies to aid them in the application process. When this happens it derails the recruitment process.

Sometimes some job seekers think applying directly to such companies gives them a higher chance of getting the job, but this is wrong. To prevent being biased, companies resort to advertising jobs anonymously.

In recent times a lot of employers have embraced the digital recruitment process which saves them time and money. Jobberman Ghana is one of the recruitment companies employers in Ghana trust with their recruitment needs. This is because Jobberman provides an AI pwered recruitment solutions which allows employers to hire the right people the right way.

As a job seeker with a complete profile on Jobberman, you stand a chance of being connected to your dream job with companies who are looking for professionals like you to join their team.

With the above explained, we hope you now understand why some companies hide their names when hiring.

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Genevieve Amponsah
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