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The Right Way is:



Our platform allows you to easily sort and shortlist qualified candidates.

We give you access to a good volume of quality candidates that apply to your roles.


Easy to Use

We have a variety of well priced solutions for every budget.

Our platform and processes are intuitive and 


Success Stories from our Partners


Human Resource Manager - U-Ton Engineering

Samar Kalmoni Baroud

Customer Service & Marketing Manager - Papaye

Mohammed Saani

Snr. Consultant - IMBrainy Child

We appreciate the remarkable products and services of Jobberman. We hired profound and goal-oriented high-level management staff through their services. Based on our experience, using Jobberman will not let you down.

I am a Senior Consultant at IMBrainy Child. We are into early childhood education and brain enhancement. I was online and I came across Jobberman online advertisement; so, when my team and I needed to fill up vacant roles in our organization we used Jobberman’s platform to get candidates. The ones we picked and interviewed for the role are doing well on the job. We still use Jobberman and will continue to use their services. I will recommend Jobberman any day to employers looking out to fill vacant roles in their organization.

My favourite product is Best Match, because it saved me a lot of time. I've gotten skilled and quality human resources through Jobberman’s bestmatch platform. I recommend Jobberman on any day to anyone. If you want quality for your money, you have to fall on Jobberman Ghana.

Some key features from our product suite:

An All-in-One applicant management system that helps you sort through high quality candidates.

The ability to test and rank the best suited candidates, using our skills assessments.

Recruit yourself using our platform or use one of our concierge services.

Boost your job advert to the top of the list, for an even wider reach.

Unlimited applications and lifetime access to candidates you have shortlisted.

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