The Power of Numbers; Jobberman’s Wins Worth Celebrating

Year on year, new things happen. The only constant, yet inevitable has always been CHANGE. In 2021, Jobberman Ghana’s achievements are worth celebrating.

Jobberman Celebrates- The Power of Numbers

Year on year, new things happen. The only constant, yet inevitable has always been CHANGE. In the year 2021, Jobberman Ghana, your number one recruitment platform in Ghana has achieved a feat that is unbeatable and worth celebrating.

With the vision to be Ghana’s most user-centric and transparent career ecosystem, where we connect the right candidates with the right opportunities, the success of 2021 points us in the right direction of our vision.

As a human resource and recruitment company, we strongly believe in the power of service, which employees of Jobberman have exhibited in 2021 to attain greater heights worth celebrating. And thus, we wrap up the year with what we term as the “POWER OF NUMBERS’!

Right from the Marketing team, sales department, customer service and experience team, the recruitment team, operations, and the human resource department, the finance team, as well as the IT department all the success chalked is as a result of the combined collaboration among these departments.

Employers in Ghana believe in connecting to the right candidates just in one place. Online and digital recruitment continues to be one of the most efficient and effective means of finding job candidates. In 2021, over 106, 407 vacancies were listed on Jobberman. This amounted to a 146% increase in sales.

With employers and job seekers in mind, a total of 21 new products were launched to cater to the needs of employers and job seekers in Ghana. Matching employers to the best candidates is what we do best. With the hard work of our able recruitment team, 463 qualified candidates were placed in meaningful job roles.

With marketing playing a major role in the visibility of the image of Jobberman out to the audience both offline and online, 6 major educative and informative webinars were held to address over 1000’s job seekers and 500 employers.

Ultimately, we made our customers happy. From our Net Promoter Score (NPS)  we achieved a higher NPS from 18.38 to 33.03.

As a business, with the mission to assist our customers every step of the way, with the feats, achieved we can say, WE ARE PROUD of the groundwork by every member of the Jobberman team and to customers who keep coming back for more.

And finally, we launched the employee satisfaction report which serves as a call-to-action for employers to evaluate the fundamental factors that foster employee satisfaction for both current and future employees.

Download your free copy here.

Genevieve Amponsah
Notification Bell