6 Outstanding Ways To Make A Positive Impact At Work

It’s another exciting moment for every business all over the world. Because it’s customer service week. Here are ways to impact your company as an employee.

Positive impact at work

Dear Employee,

Do you remember the days you were unemployed, frustrated at your previous job, wanting to change jobs?

Do you also remember your first day at your current place of work?

Just to bring back moments and reminisce these unforgettable moments in your life, how has your career journey been so far?

Well, it’s the first week of October and as usual, it’s another exciting moment for every business all over the world. Because it’s customer service week!

The theme for (2021) this year’s celebrations is “The Power of Service”.

The BIG question is “How has your service at work impacted your employer and ultimately the customer?” (Think about it)

If you are wondering how, here are 6 ways to make a positive impact at work.

1. Become a Trailblazer

Taking initiative and being proactive is a skill every employee needs to cultivate. Employers value employees who are able to think ahead, bring on board innovative ideas, are ready to go the extra mile, plan ahead to produce the best results.

Every business seeks to grow and as a result, grow it, customer base. These businesses, therefore, are looking out for employees who are creative and can think outside the box in order to remain in a competitive market.

Imagine, in this era that businesses are affected by the pandemic, if it becomes necessary for your employer to downsize, the probability of maintaining creative and strategic thinkers is very high. This should inform you that to be seen as making an impact at work, do your best to become a trailblazer.

2. Keep Stakeholders Informed

Imagine being a customer of a certain financial institution and you are taken by surprise deductions from your account without any prior notice? How would you feel?

That’s the same way if you do not communicate well at work it can affect your progress and your relationship with your colleagues. As an employee note that you are also a customer to your employer and your actions affects it in the end affect your business target audience.

3. Be Reliable

How reliable are you to your current employer, your teammates, and even to your own self? Being reliable at work is one of the admirable traits of employees. When you are reliable at work, your teammates or superiors trust that you can do a job and do it better without supervision and you will produce the expected results on time. A reliable employee understands his/her responsibilities and how it impacts the business.

Just as you want your customers to depend on you to find solutions to their problems, be that reliable employee everyone can count on. Employees who are reliable report to work on time, consistently meet deadlines, produce high-quality work, and are supportive.

4. Be a Problem Solver

Every business strives for the excellence of its products and services. When customers’ needs are met, then a business can say its existence is of value to the target audience.

As an employee, what problem are you solving? Your ability to use your skill set to provide solutions makes you a valued employee.

If you want to be seen as making a difference in the workplace, make sure your everyday contribution at work helps solve a problem.

5. Take Ownership of Your Role

If you take ownership of your role, you are seen as proactive, you understand your responsibilities and how your duties matter and it’s a contribution to the overall business goal.

Employees who take ownership of their roles are enthusiastic and are accountable for every action they take at work. To become an employee who makes an impact in the workplace, make sure you execute your responsibilities with enthusiasm and it goes a long way to affect the customer experience.

6. Go The Extra Mile

If you want to make an impact in the workplace, go above and beyond to produce the best and do it with excellence. In the workplace going the extra mile means doing more than you are paid to do, it means assisting customers with their needs and making them happy.

If you want your employer to see you as an asset, ask yourself, “Am I willing to go the extra mile?”

It’s customer service week. Businesses are expressing heartfelt gratitude to their customers and employees. Remember, your role contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

Let your role count. And that’s the power of service.

Happy customer service week!

Genevieve Amponsah
Notification Bell