“Young Graduate Spotlight”: Derrick Amissah and Emmanuel Mends-Buah Jnr

Derrick Amissah [DA] and Emmanuel Mends-Buah Jnr. [EMBJ] are on their own journeys but are on uniquely designed life paths. A path that has already seen telecommunications significantly shape who they are and what they represent. Everything they’re in pursuit of right now, they’re doing it with full pride in coming up with optimally effective solutions that account for all aspects and ramifications.

Here’s a closer step to who these two gentlemen.

Q: If you did a project/thesis, what was is it about?

Ans: EMBJ: Designing an antenna array that operates in the Ka-band (26.5-40 GHz) and can be applied in 5G communications

Q: How did you decide what project/thesis you would do and what is your hope for the future of your project/thesis?

EMBJ: The project was decided based on our interests in radio frequency technology and antennas. We hope that the project shall be developed further, fabricated, and applied to facilitate even better communication in the 5G era.

Q: Which organizations would you like to partner with if you were allowed to further develop your project or publish your insights?

EMBJ: Samsung, Huawei, Airspan Networks Inc. and Airgain Inc.

DA: Huawei and Samsung

Q: A brief description of your university experience and your expectations for work

EMBJ: The experience was unforgettable and imminent in my overall development in the sense that it groomed me into becoming an independent and responsible young adult. It was not always about the books since it also taught me critical skills like time management and self-care, to name a few. I was always challenged to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

My work expectations are to be in an area where I can significantly contribute to the team, be appreciated for my efforts, and can learn and grow with the institution or company.

DA: I have learnt a great deal from my university and with my higher education I hope to have a better knowledge of how the world works, not just through my education but through experience.

What is your ideal work environment and culture?

EMBJ: I thrive working as part of a team. Having the ability to encourage and share ideas with team members is what I prefer. Also, I expect employees or team members to have a good level of communication with each other and their superiors. Empowerment and growth must be encouraged at every level.

DA: A place with employees having good communication independent of level and should train and motivate workers.

Q: If you ever owned a company, how would you run it?

EMBJ: Employee empowerment and engagement shall be the main order of the day. Superiors shall include their team or employees in decision-making and ensure that every contribution is considered.

There shall be order and fairness in every situation. However, employees shall be motivated accordingly. All this shall be done with the high expectation for greater output from the company

DA: By having a feasible business plan.

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