3 Ways To Address a low Scoring Performance Review

Nelson, an employee in a reputable company in Accra is being pushed to look for opportunities elsewhere as a result of his managers attitude.

dear hr

Dear HR, 

I must say, I have been following your series “Dear HR” on helping job seekers with solutions to their job-hunting problems. Honestly, I always share these articles with my friends on social media since I find them very educative and informative.

I actually never thought I would one day write to you seeking advice. But it has become very necessary, due to what I am going through and also affecting my work negatively. 

I am an employee of a reputable company (name withheld). I have been working with this company for the past 2 years. Not to blow my trumpet, but I think it demands I praise myself this time around. I am a very dedicated, hard-working employee who goes above and beyond for the work I do. 

If there is a human definition of enthusiasm, I am just a typical example. 

In my 8years working life, I have experienced very great bosses and they have really contributed to where I am today. But, my current manager is nothing to write home about. He is the worst boss I have ever met in my line of work. I cannot even pinpoint any positive impact he has had in my professional life.

Now, to my issue; I know performance evaluations at work are primarily to provide useful feedback on employees’ job performance. I know a lot of companies rely on checking whether employees are really a good fit for the role and are contributing to the overall business goal. As a means of providing historical records, I also know it serves as a reference point when there is a need for promotion at any point in the life of every employee, as well as contributes to one’s professional development.

My current boss for the past 1 year has been always ranking me below average which I am so unhappy about. Two months ago during my performance evaluation, I pointed out to him his continuous negative and below-average ratings which are not logical. 

The fact is, I always do my work as expected and even go above and beyond to get my work done. Actually, I do not even need to talk much, my work speaks for itself, so I always get confused and furious anytime after performance evaluation. 

I love my job and I do it wholeheartedly, I have no intention to leave my current employer but the attitude of my manager is pushing me away to look elsewhere for opportunities. 

What should I do?

Worried employee,


Hi Nelson, 

It’s great to know that you find our articles very informative. Thank you for sharing with your friends as well. 

Now to your issue, it’s so unfortunate that your boss’s reviews make you feel this way. As you rightly mentioned, performance evaluations are supposed to be the time you have a one-on-one with your immediate supervisor or manager to evaluate your work within a given period of time, to identify strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly to give constructive feedback.

Sometimes it’s unfortunate that bad performance reviews happen to good people. Naturally, no employee likes to be told they are not doing a good job. 

Reviews like this have caused many companies to lose star employees to competitors, also derailed the level of motivation of very dedicated employees, and finally caused them to quit for the sake of their own sanity.

It is true you may be doing your job as expected but your boss may not recognize that even though you are producing the expected results. It just happens, some bosses are just not appreciative. 

Note that reviews serve as an avenue to improve on your future performance yet, if you after carefully analyzing the feedback from your boss and you objectively know you are doing your job as expected but it turns out the review is the opposite of your performance, this may be a vivid revelation the intentions of your manager/ supervisor. 

Sometimes, some managers or supervisors purposely overlook the accomplishments of subordinates which in the end comes back to bite them.

Remember, in the professional setting it is about people, you may be doing your part as expected, yet there are others who seem not to be appreciative of the work others do. 

Here are the steps to take to curb the situation in order not to let it affect your productivity at work.

1. Read and Analyze Your Review

When you are presented with your performance review, take your time to read carefully and analyze the report whether you are in sync or you disagree with the remarks. If you disagree you have every right to challenge it and ask questions. Make sure you back your grievrances with solid evidence.  

2. Talk To HR

bad performance review

An aspect of the human resource department in every company is ensuring employees are happy and have a sound mind to work. In the situation you feel your performance reviews are inaccurate, the next point of action is to reach out to HR for advice. Let your HR know about the remarks of your manager and lay down your concerns. 

3. Write a Rebuttal

unhappy employee

In a professional setting, it is always advisable not to take performance reviews very personally. Some of the comments may cause you to shed some tears but you need to remain strong. 

As mentioned earlier, some managers just do not want to acknowledge their team members’ accomplishments. When you believe in your work, stand up for yourself. Nobody will fight for you. Put your disagreements on paper, but make sure you do it politely. Be objective and specifically state your key results and how you achieved them. This will clearly reveal whether expectations were met or not. 

Key Takeaway

No matter the outcome of a performance review, you are in control of your career. Continue to work hard and produce the best results. However, in your next performance evaluation, if your manager still does not think you add value to the team (despite evidence of accomplishments), this can be very demotivating and it’s an obvious sign that it is time to look for a new job. 

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Genevieve Amponsah
Notification Bell