Is Job Experience Always a Requirement?

Dear HR,

I am a fresh graduate and I have been job hunting for some time now. But the main challenge is, most of the jobs I have interest in, are looking for a certain level of experience, say 3years and above.

Sometimes I read the job description and I feel I am the best fit for the job, but I get discouraged when I see the experience level needed for the job.

Now to my question; Should I apply for a job even if I do not have the required experience?

Worried job seeker,


Response from HR

Dear Akosua,

Firstly, it is always good to study the job description before you apply for a job. Employers and Recruiters always have in mind an ideal candidate for every role. So the JD is one major means of letting you know the needs of the employer. Sometimes, a successful candidate may not tick all the boxes yet an employer may consider them because those requirements are rarely needed.

This does not mean you should apply to every vacant job you come across. If a role requires a certain level of experience and requirements which is beyond you, do not waste your time and energy applying, you will not be shortlisted.

Here is an example; If an employer is looking to fill a management position in a particular industry, definitely a specific expertise and years of experience say 6 years may be required and if you are a fresh graduate, there is no need to apply since the employer will not waste energy and time to review your application.

However, if you are enthusiastic about this role and have 3 or 4 years experience and expertise, you can apply.

There have been instances where new hires have excelled at their jobs with lesser number of experience required for the job because they spotted the opportunity for growth and with hard work, they proved their capabilities to their superiors.

Note that professional skills are transferable and when you are able to identify opportunities and prepare towards them you will surely excel in your career.

As a job seeker looking for job opportunities, always make sure you optimize your CV to suit what the employer is looking for, but do not lie on your CV. If you meet 76% of the requirements it’s a win for you and may be shortlisted for an interview.

Remember to always apply to only jobs you qualify for. Looking for new job opportunities? Sign up here and sieze your next opportunity today.

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