MY NSS Experience that Gave Me a New Perspective About Life

I had my tertiary education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) between 2011 and 2015. I read Agriculture and in my final year I majored in Animal Science.

Fast-forward, national service postings were released and I was posted to Ghana Armed Forces (Burma Camp). Honestly, I was not expecting that. I thought I would be posted to a place that was in line with the course I studied in school. My friends even wondered what exactly I was going to do there. But I was not really worried about it because I’ve always loved adventure. I didn’t mind exploring other fields of life.

My first day at Burma camp was an awesome experience. I observed how everything was clean and in order. I met some of my course mates at the orientation at the Burma hall. I became more comfortable seeing them, unfortunately, we were all posted to different units.

I was assigned to the Support Service Brigade Headquarters with three other national service persons, but the unit had various departments and so we were further shared among these departments.

I had the privilege to serve at the store department. My head of department received me with open arms and gave me wise counsel. Over there, I was taught how to prepare ration indents for young soldiers. I also learnt how to book and issue items.

It took me only a week to learn all the store duties and my boss was impressed about how fast I was able to grasp everything I had been taught. I was tasked to do more and entrusted with more responsibilities. My short stay at Burma Camp was exciting because I had the chance to learn a few military rules and their daily operational activities.

The only challenge I had was the fact that I was forced sometimes to attend compulsory social functions during weekends. Aside from that every single day I spent at Burma camp was very impactful. I  literally learned how to plan and organize my life, be disciplined and prepared at all times.

One other key impact is that the Support Service Brigade taught me never to give up in life. Their slogan which says “Press On Regardless, Regardless Keep Pressing’’ has now become my personal mantra for life.

In conclusion, I will advice everyone reading this piece, especially prospective service personnel to never see any stage/season of life as a mistake. The journey of life is a process. We need to go through certain things in order to build and acquire some skills which are necessary for our lives.

No matter the vicissitudes of life, keep pressing on.

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Author: Mercy Dufie Boateng, Business Development Consultant, Jobberman Ghana

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