Introducing Jobberman Skills Assessments: Hire The Best Talent

Skills Assessments will help hire the best talent. These tests are excellent predictors of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role.

Jobberman Skills Assessments

Talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening the best and right candidates from a large pool of applicants. While CVs present a candidate’s best qualities, hiring managers still find it difficult to judge who can actually perform in the role. This is why employers and hiring managers must now look beyond the CV to get the best talent.

At Jobberman, our mission is to help people find their dream jobs and help employers find the right people to improve workplace productivity.  To this end, we have launched a Skills Assessments product that helps employers test candidates to know who has the right skills to do the job.

Jobberman’s Skills Assessments: What and Why?

We now offer tailored assessments for different job functions. This allows you to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for your specific role. Only ₵ 850 per assessment.

You decrease the time spent on sorting through the huge volume of applications from jobseekers. You can sort through job seekers based on test scores they achieve. An assessment will not only help you identify candidates that will be a good fit for jobs at your company, but it will also help predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance. It Introduces an element of objectivity into the hiring process by providing standardised results that can be applied to all your applicants.

These tests have been curated by experts and are excellent predictors of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates.

How It Works

You can choose from our range of assessments based on the job function, assessment type, and experience that matches your job listing.

Choose Job Function: Choose from our selection of assessment that matches your job listing.

Select Experience: Select the required experience level for the job listing.

Assess Candidate: The assessment is then added to your job listing. All candidates are required to complete the assessment when applying for the job.

Reports: Each time a candidate completes a test, you will receive a detailed report on the outcome. Simply compare the results of all your candidates as part of your selection to see the best candidate for the role.

Hire the best: Sort through the results to know who are experts, intermediates, and beginners.

This is recruitment made smarter, better and faster. Hire the right talent for your organisation today using the Jobberman  Skills Assessments.

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Genevieve Amponsah
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