How to Find The Most Talented Employee in Ghana

Currently, in Ghana, recruiters rely on the skills assessment tests to hire the best talents in the market.

Finding talented employees has always been the goal of every recruiter. Based on a survey conducted by Jobberman Ghana on LinkedIn on how recruiters access the best talent for their organization, 60% of respondents said online job portals like Jobberman are their go-to source when finding their next team member.

In another survey conducted by Jobberman on LinkedIn, 67% of respondents indicated that in the quest to hire the best talent, they use skills assessments tests to know who has the right skills to do the job and it serves as a major means of pre-screening candidates before considering a face to face interview and also it saves them time and money.

This informs us of how recruiters and employers believe skills assessments tests are the only means to eliminate unqualified candidates, avoid low-quality candidates as well as helping to objectively make a good hiring decision.

Assessments Test

Currently, in Ghana, recruiters rely on the Jobberman Skills Assessments test to hire the best talents in the market. With the Jobberman Skills Assessments tests, you can analyze the results of each candidate with the help of our ATS and you are at liberty to download the report and review at your convenience yourself now with colleagues.

One key function that makes the Jobberman skills assessments unique is that there is a window violation proctoring mechanism to detect candidates who navigate away from the test window to cheat.

Assessments Report

At the end of each test taken, you will be presented with generic results for each candidate which enables you to know which areas of discipline the candidates’ strength lies in. With the specialized scoring feature, you can easily distinguish groups of candidates who have the same test score.

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Genevieve Amponsah
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