How to Attract the Coveted Workforce of the Future

As an employer, if you want the good employees to stick around throughout the workforce evolution timeline. Find out how you can attract and retain them.

talent for jobs of the future

2020 is said to be the year of great significance in workforce evolution. Research carried out around this concept reveals that the workplace will majorly consist of millennials. More digital-savvy employees are entering the workforce, and conventional working methods are slowly phasing out. As an employer, if you want the good employees to stick around throughout the workforce evolution timeline, you need to ensure that the tools and technology you employ in your organisation supports their digital initiatives. Below are tips you can apply to attract and retain this kind of workforce.

Position your Brand

employer branding

For you to attract the right talent for the future, you need to be the right employer. Do you have the right environment to encourage creativity and talent? Is your organisational culture attractive for the kind of talent you want to attract? Is there room for development in your organisation? Do you understand what the employees you are targeting consider important? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself. Conduct your research and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are attractive to your intended audience. An impactful way to do this is changing the way your company plans for talent, the hiring process and retaining programs. You need to be the best to attract the best.

Find the right Talent

Companies that make it do not always outspend their competitors. They use strategy to outmanoeuvre them. Milestones in technology have levelled the playing ground and removed all barriers to getting good talent. It now depends on your ability to convince good talent that your organisation provides the best environment for them to work and grow their careers.

Connect with the Right Talent

connecting with the right talent

For your company to thrive, you need to rethink your interactions with the connections in your industry. Would you consider yourself a thought leader in your industry? Do you contribute to discussions on pertinent issues in your industry? Do you conduct market research and surveys? These are some of the ways in which you can actively engage your connections in the industry. This not only puts you in the limelight as an authority in the market, it also portrays you as the preferred employer.

Train and Develop the Talent for the Future

training and development for the future workforce

It is good to note that your future workforce talent does not only exist out there. You might have part of what will compose your future workforce right there with you in the office. While you work to hire for upcoming positions, have you considered what will happen when you have everyone you believe you need? How will you build capacity and nurture this talent? Remember that most young people value working in an environment where they feel valued and there is room for development. You do not want to hire your dream team than have them leave because they felt there’s no future for them in your company.

So how do you ensure you develop the talent your get? In order to respond to shifts in the economy, you need to incorporate business leaders, IT and HR. This will ensure that while implementing development plans HR is active in reworking structures and catering for resource needs; IT will assist with migrations from legacy technologies and business leaders will offer guidance for the transition process.


Doreen Mueke
Notification Bell