5 Revealing Benefits of Having Friends in Your Workplace

Having a friend at work does not only benefit the employee, but also the employer.

Here are 5 revealing benefits of having friends at work.

benefits of having friends at work

Have you realized that in your life as an adult, you spend most of your productive moments at work? According to research, having friends in your workplace have revealing benefits and goes a long way to impact your personal and career life as a professional. 

You might have worked in your current job for the past few years or you just started a new job recently. At the end of the day, the people you work with influence you in one way or another.

One may also argue that work is work, and there is no need to build friendships at work. Yes, people have preferences but, looking at the positive side of this makes life beautiful as a professional, no matter the environment you find yourself in right now. 

This percentage of people ride on the mantra, be friendly with coworkers but not befriend them. 

In a recent poll on LinkedIn, a percentage of the audience revealed that friendships may differ based on where you find yourself. Over 900 responses revealed that over 60% of employees have friends at the workplace.

If you are still contemplating making friends at work, here are 5 helpful benefits of having friends at work. 

1. Increase Productivity and Boost Morale

Your friend is that confidante you can freely share your thoughts with, without being judged about your thoughts and feelings. Even as humans, having a sense of belonging plays a vital role in our development, so having that one friend in the office with whom you can share your frustrations and success is essential. 

This alone helps improve your mental health and allows you room to work well and keeps you engaged at work.

2. Job satisfaction

friends at work

Job satisfaction does not only mean having a higher paycheck but having the right people around you in the workplace. Your friend at work could be your greatest source of motivation. If you have a friend at work, you will always look forward to going to work the next day. The sense of belonging makes you want to be involved in office activities and get work done.

Since a good friend will like to see you succeed, he/she will always be ready to lend you a hand when you need them. If you do not have that one person whom you can call a friend at work, consider your thoughts. 

3. You’ll have a Support System

friends at work

Every person has family that they depend on in times of need, yet having that support from a friend who understands you is a plus. It will interest you to know that some friends you make at work in the long run become family. Although, nobody decides to walk into a specific company to just make friends. It’s all about business, but if you are lucky to meet that good friend you can count on, that’s a bonus. 

4. Improves Collaboration Amongst Employees

friends at work

One amazing fact as a professional is working with someone you like. When you find yourself with the right people in your workplace, collaborating to achieve a common goal becomes easy. Unlike when employees have grudges against one another. Every manager or supervisor values teamwork and collaborative skills.

This is the main reason why team bonding exercises in the workplace are necessary. Through such activities, employees find a common ground to engage with other team members and cultivate friendships. So the next time there is a team bonding activity in your office, take advantage of it and connect to your next friend on the job. 

5. Open Career Opportunities

friends at work

Do you have that one person who can confidently recommend you for your next big opportunity? No matter your skills, intelligence, or level of experience, you need people. Your coworkers can be a valuable resource in your professional life. Oftentimes people possess certain qualities that are unknown to them. It takes that good friend to observe and identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

That coworker may know people you may not know. By virtue of being their friend, inviting you to network events, and introducing you and promoting your work to the right people you will surely get the exposure required for you to take your next step in your career.  If you are not open to friendships in the office, think about it. 

Key Take Away

Having a friend at work does not only benefit the employee, but also the employer. Friends at work can help you become the best version of yourself, improve your life and grow professionally. They can be your source of inspiration, but remember to choose the right people as friends, because your circle of friends contribute to both your personal growth and future growth.

In choosing, choose wisely. In order to win friends, you must also be friendly. Has this been helpful? Share this with the next person in your contact list now. 

Genevieve Amponsah
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