How To Attract The Best Talent With Your Job Description

Attract the best talent with your job description. Sell your job the right way to the right people and attract the best talent.

You may be wondering why your job listing is receiving little attention from the bold, brighter and best candidates but rather getting low quality and less qualified applicants. One great way to draw the attention of job seekers is a well-detailed job description.

Job descriptions have been an essential part of the recruitment process. It is the sure way job seekers can relate and know if their skills meet the job being advertised.  Sell your job the right way to the right people and get what you want.

Here are 6 ways your job description can attract the best talent.

1. Begin With a Company Summary

Although some organizations want to remain anonymous when advertising vacant roles in their companies. A little brief about your organization can really be a great way of marketing the brand and creates a certain identity in the minds of an applicant. This is because the brand really matters to job applicants.

2.  Target Specific Candidates

Every job listing has specifications. Hence a target audience. These specifications determine who qualifies for the job. It also gives the applicant an idea of who and the skills set the organization seeks for. For example, if the role is a management level role, it is advisable it is clearly stated in order to avoid entry-level candidates from applying.

3.  Requirements Must Be Clear and Realistic

When a role is available it should be clearly stated. Just as you make the role title straight forward, let the requirement be clear and easy to understand by the applicant. In as much you make it concise, try hard not to make it too short so as not to engage and inspire unqualified candidates to apply. For instance, if it’s an accounting job and you need someone with an ACCA/ CA, it must be clearly communicated, rather than just stating; “candidate must have an accounting background”.

4.  Include Benefits

A job advert/ listing seeks to get an applicant to decide, weigh options and take the step to click the apply button to apply for the job. It is similar to buying a product from the store. After emotional judgements, the final step is the buyer then thinks of beneficial effects of the product before the final decision to purchase the item. For example, stating that there are career advancement opportunities will entice any serious applicant to go ahead and click the apply button.

5.   A Simple Application Process

It is believed that smart people always find easy ways to get things done. This is called efficiency. No one really wants to spend their time finding out how and where to do what. Make sure the application process is as simple and directs applicants to the right pages. Also, make use of ATS. At Jobberman the Applicant Tracking System is a simple way that enables employers to track who has applied for the job at any point in time.

6.   Include Assessments Test

Including a test is a sure way to get the most competent candidate out of the lot. Applicants who have the knowledge and right skills for a particular role will definitely like to exhibit their competencies. Get quality over quantity now. Jobberman now offer tailored skills assessments for different job functions which allow employers to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for a specific role.

Learn more about the Jobberman Skills Assessments and hire your next employee with confidence.

Genevieve Amponsah
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