5 Powerful Strategies to Attract Top Talent in Your Industry

Building a warm employee culture, using employee referrals and a good employer brand are some secrets to attracting highly qualified employees.

Attracting high-level employees is a challenge in the world of business today. The secret to attracting highly qualified employees is by doing what other industry players  are not willing and ready to do in order to attract suitable experts to help grow businesses. 

Here are 5 very powerful strategies to help you stand out and attract high level professionals to join your team.

1. Create Employee Referrals

Aside social media and other job boards, employees are the best people to help you get a good hire through referrals. The employee referral are programs designed to entreat your employees to recommend the right candidates for your senior level roles. Your employees understand the nature of your business hence they know the very right skill set needed for the job. This makes employee referrals one of the best strategies to attract high level candidates or hire as a fit for the role.

2. Build an Employee-Centric Culture

This has to do with building a culture that is inclusive of the employee norms, values and beliefs. Employers must consider what will favor the employee and make the workplace culture attractive enough to win the hearts of the top level employee. Impartiality, credibility, concern and innovation are key traction points to note if the high level employee is your target. Some high level employees are also attracted to the level of respect and appreciation you accord them,  flexibility to work, remuneration, performance bonuses as well as a comfortable working environment. 

3. Write a Good Job Description

A good job description goes beyond the usual list of job requirements and responsibilities of the employee. It is the first encounter the candidate has with the employer and is the best opportunity for the company to create a good first impression. The content of the job description should be clear enough to convey rightly your company’s demands and expectations of the candidate. This benefits both the candidate and employer since only candidates who meet your organization’s standards would apply for that job. The format, tone and content of your description should make reading and understanding easy.

4. Develop Your Employer Brand

Brand association has now become the order of the day. There should be a projection of your organization’s image as a wonderful place to work. Social media tools can be employed to your advantage by having quality and true pictures, stories and other information about your organization that will be appealing to the executive employer. 

As part of branding your company, you can create employee spotlights, ask employees to share their experience working with your organization, testimonials, their opportunities and benefits working with you and so on. This helps put your company at the apex giving it first place if selection is to be done. 

To develop employer brand, the company should do the following:

  1. Associate strategy with organizational needs
  2. Set attainable goals. Thus, there should be targeting, planning and measurement of set goals 
  3. Develop a strong employee value proposition that clarifies the expectation of both the company and the employee. 

Secrets to great employer branding

  1. Employer branding begins right from the recruitment process.
  2. The job description must outline the employer value proposition to potential employees.
  3. Employers should note that inasmuch as they are looking for great employees, employees are also looking for great companies.
  4. One other employer branding secret is that culture is the bedrock of employer branding.

5. Speak to a Headhunter

Head hunters are recruitment professionals who have in-depth knowledge about the job market, industries and trends. They would give you expert advice on how to attract your dream employee to your organization,  and take charge of the whole recruitment process as well as  assisting you in the final hiring and onboarding process.

With their large network of high level professionals, you would have your desired employee within the shortest possible time. 

Speak to a headhunter today to connect you to the experts you seek to have in your team. 

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