4 Tested Hacks To Rock Your Internship

Most People become dubious when they have to decide on taking an internship. Oftentimes,  we see fresh graduates with no experience seeking a full-time job and they end up becoming a liability to the firm in which they were employed due to their lack of experience.

This problem persists because most people do not pay much attention to the daily changing economy and how competitive the market has become. Therefore it is advised that tertiary students take advantage of internship opportunities to enable them gain skills, experience and prepare themselves to meet the growth cycle in the world market. The importance of internships is numerous and they include:

  • Interns gaining confidence in their abilities
  • They getting the chance to build networks
  • They gaining real-world exposure and most importantly,
  • They gaining experience and interpersonal skills.

Here are 4 tested hacks to rock an internship in Ghana.

1. Building Rapport

When there is an existence of poor relationships between colleagues at work, it tends to negatively affect productivity and most likely to be waylaid by tension. In contrast, it is important to build rapport  with all workers and encourage water cooler talks, facilitate knowledge sharing and spend time together outside of work. This will go a long way to build good relationships,  improve productivity and lastly, improve employee satisfaction and retention.

2. Setting Goals

It is very important to ace your internship by setting the right goals. Setting ambitious but realistic goals allows you to keep track of your progress. The goals you set provide you with a self-motivated plan for acquiring new skills and improving. One strategy that works to achieve your set goals is to meet with your supervisor at the beginning of the internship to have a fair idea of your expectations. Once these expectations are made clear, you need to request feedback after every progress to help you stay on track.

3. Time Management

Managing your time well can help you improve in your career. Organizing each day helps you to complete work on time, stay engaged during important meetings and give you space to be creative and proactive in your tasks. Having strong time-management skills can ultimately lead to accomplishing key goals and advancing in your position.

4. Reflecting on Your Experience

Reflecting on your experience will help you develop your skills and get familiar with your strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat (SWOT). Also, it gives you the opportunity to highlight areas or problems that may need some work. This is positive, it means you can identify your weaknesses, likes, and dislikes and take action from there to finding solutions. However, there are several ways one can reflect on the experience and they can be through friends, supervisors on achievements.

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