“Young Graduate Spotlight”: Jojo Konki Sapara Bentsi-Enchill

The workplace is ever-changing. Employers are demanding increasing flexibility, adaptability, short-term contracts, and project-based work, while employees are increasingly demanding job security, higher wages, and better work conditions.

In Joojo Konki Sapara Bentsi-Enchill’s world, he envisages a working environment where employees have some room to explore, take initiative and contribute towards the development of the company.

And that is simply because he understands how that can be the motivating factor for workers.

Q: If you did a project/thesis, what was is it about?

Ans: Due to COVID-19 and the academic calendar modifications, my year group was exempted from project/thesis work. In 2018, we had a class project on Suicide prevention and raising awareness on drug abuse. We started by raising funds for the project, appealing to sponsors/organizations, hosting concession stands etc.

Then we held bits of training sessions where we had professionals come and talk to us on our project. We also had some sort of outreach where we went door to door educating people on the project.

Looking back, you realize that most people didn’t even know that they were feeding an addiction or likely to create one. Also, the topic of suicide is not given much attention, and it raised certain issues on how we reflect on society, for instance, should suicide be decriminalized in Ghana? All these tend to change your perspective because you begin to see things from a different angle

Q: A brief description of your university experience and your expectations for work?

Ans: University was a challenging phase, which pushed me to be independent, take charge and responsibility and manage work under pressure. Considering this, my expectations for work are that I should be able to work in high-pressure environments, communicate well and be an effective team player.

Q: What is your ideal work environment and culture?

Ans: My ideal work environment and culture would encourage you to think outside the box and be innovative. Learning how to take initiative and learning how to work under pressure in a competitive market are also important factors.

Q: If you ever owned a company, how would you run it?

Ans: I would run it in such a way that employees have some room to explore, take initiative and contribute towards the development of the company. That way, they are motivated to work harder since their contribution is an essential input.

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