5 Important Factors that Promote Workplace Happiness

Do you sometimes wonder what true happiness in the workplace is? Here are 5 factors to workplace happiness that will clear your doubts.

Believe it or not, achieving workplace happiness is more than just a paycheck. Because we spend a huge portion of our lives at work, even if it’s traditional 40 hours a week, you’re still spending nearly 1/3 of your life at work. This is why it only makes sense to derive a sense of joy while you are in the office.

Our well-being mentally and physical depends on whether or not you’re happy at work. Although happiness remains relative to every individual and the type of work they do, there are basic ingredients that cut across all people.  

Here are 5 keys to your workplace happiness:


1. Freedom

The last thing you want to happen in the workplace is people looking over your shoulder telling you to, “change this,” or “do this another way.” Yes, there are rules to obey at the workplace but a better way to work around these rules is being given the creative freedom to express your views and make decisions about your work. When this happens, you will derive a great sense of confidence and joy from your work, which will make you feel like you’re really making a difference.

Freedom is important to workplace happiness because you won’t feel like you’re back in the classroom with a teacher hanging over your shoulder. You want the company to trust you to do your job well in meeting the workplace objectives and standards.

2. Positive Relationships and Communication

Every day you show up to work, you interact with people. These connections are unavoidable and have a significant impact on your workplace happiness. If you enjoy your co-workers, especially if you work with friends, you’ll truly enjoy coming into work each day and the time you spend at work will be joyful and rewarding.
Alongside having positive relationships is having positive communication. This can make a huge difference not just in your individual happiness but in the entire company, which turns back around and further promotes greater happiness in your work.

3. Transparency

Working in a company that stands for transparency is a good ingredient for workplace happiness.No one can undermine the power of transparency in the workplace which is today becoming increasingly more important for a company that is open about their inner workings.

This varies depending on the type of company, but, in general, knowing what your company is about, where they’re going, how they intend to get there, and how you fit in are all very important points which can lead to greater workplace happiness.
A company that says “We’re all in this together” is one that fosters employee belonging and where everyone wants to be.

4. Flexibility

Everyone requires flexibility to work which contributes to workplace happiness. For instance, working in a place that allows you to work remotely is even more enjoyable because you are not required to sit 8 hours behind your desk to get things done.

Although some companies don’t allow their employees to work from home, in the 21st century, there are countless positions that make working remotely a reality, which includes any job that has to do with working online. Even for job types that do not allow working remotely, flexibility is still possible. For instance; flexible start and finish times and flexible working rules like 1-hour lunch break among others, when applicable, can be a great source of workplace happiness.

5. Opportunity for Growth

In our daily lives, we often want to feel like we’re getting somewhere. We want to know that tomorrow is going to be better than today and that if we work hard we can make that a reality.
This same principle applies to the workplace, where we can derive a great sense of happiness if there’s an opportunity for us to grow and move up in the company.

Knowing that you have a chance to move up positions and improve the quality of work life, is through coming to work each day with the hope of becoming a better person. If you feel you’re in a company where you have no room to grow, and that you will be in the same position as long as you’re with the company, then you can very quickly grow disinterested and lose any joy you derive from work.

Remember, as important as the above ingredients for workplace happiness are, greater happiness comes from taking good care of yourself. It is your responsibility to make sure you create your own happiness in the workplace and your personal life. Work on you, your peace, and your happiness during “off-time” and you’ll find greater happiness at work as and for the rest of your life. If you still can’t find happiness in your current workplace, there could be an opportunity for happiness elsewhere.

Do you find happiness in your work? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Notification Bell