7 Television Shows That Might Inspire A Career Path

7 Television Shows That Might Inspire A Career Path

The influence of television is undeniable especially in this age of hundreds of television shows and several more channels competing for views. The nature of television shows has evolved to cover as many probable and improbable real life situations as possible in order to provide more than entertainment to viewers. For those looking to get more than entertainment from shows they intend to binge on, here are 7  Television shows that might inspire a career path

Mad Men

The drama is set in the 1960s.  It is set in one of New York’s top advertising agencies, focusing on one of the firm’s ad executives, Donald Draper. The show explores issues of identity with much focus on how much of themselves people are willing to lose in order to have the kind of life they want. It takes a critical look at the cost of career excellence, the sacrifices that ought to be made, and whether the end result is worth it. For those fascinated by the world of advertising or interested in the field, Mad Men is a good place start.

Silicon Valley

Named after the hub of America’s technological innovations, this comedy television series focuses on six young men who founded a startup company and are faced with the realities of surviving in the tech world. It provides excellent insight for entrepreneurs and people involved in the field of technology. It addresses the myths about tech spaces in a lighthearted manner and humanises a field many people associate with droids. People interested in the field of technology start-ups will find it relatable and insightful.

Grey’s Anatomy

Arguably one of the most popular medical drama shows,  This show focuses on a group of medical practitioners in a Seattle hospital. They combine the hurdles in their personal lives with the medical mysteries they are faced with daily. This show humanises doctors in a way that most people are not familiar with and enthrals the minds that are fascinated by the human anatomy. It provides a multifaceted view into the lives of doctors and gives good insight to those who may later go into said field.


Olivia Pope moves on from media consultant to the president to opening her own crisis-management firm and dazzles the world with the numerous tricks crisis managers have up their sleeves. This show explores issues of race, inequality, politics and power. It unveils the struggles of professionals who use their skills to help others but cannot seem to keep themselves above reproach; it explores the lines between ethical and unethical decisions and the grey areas of morality. Before this show, few people knew they could pursue a career in crisis-management and be “gladiators”


This show follows the life of a brilliant lawyer who never went to law school. It poses the serious question of whether a certificate legitimises a person more than a display of brilliance in a certain field.  “Suits’’ encourages people to seek knowledge in spite of organisational and statutory bottlenecks and pursue brilliance like all the lawyers on the show

House of Cards

U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood and his wife are determined to rise through the political ranks to the highest office on the land. They weave their way through a tunnel of lies and deception to chalk small victories. The methods of the Underwoods are not the best but the show provides an enlightening insight into the world of politics.To aspiring politicians it gives a bird’s eye view of the terrain and what it takes to survive, it also dangles the trappings of the field and dares brave people to become politicians.


Axelrod is a driven trader who is worth billions himself and manages a successful hedge fund corporation, but he didn’t get to the top without getting his hands dirty. U.S Attorney Chuck Rhoades is equally driven to sink Axelrod and his ill-gotten wealth. The show bares what it takes to be successful in the financial market and what distinguishes the very-successful from the barely-successful. Those interested in the intricacies of the finance market will find this show intriguing

It can be argued that TV is not a great source of information to learn about careers because it doesn’t show all the hard work that people have to do, especially doctors to attain the heights they have in their careers. But with the amount of time spent watching television, it is advisable to spend these hours adding to skills and knowledge or just gaining insight on the many career options that are available.


Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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