The Hiring Process: Have A strategem. 4Ws & H

The Hiring Process: Have A strategem. 4Ws & H

To build and maintain a competitive advantage, businesses must recognize to seize the opportunities presented by rapid technological advances and new employment models. There is no simple formula when it comes to hiring and failing to strategically plan for the hiring process is planning to fail strategically.

Why you need a stratagem for your hiring process.

It is important to plan by determining the most effective ways to invest in your workforce today and in the future. For instance, an investment in posting a job advertisement on Jobberman Ghana gives you three times the applications with the best and brightest, skillful and qualified candidates.

What do you need?

This is where it is important to conduct a needs assessment. To Find out if there is a vacant position and if your company is ready to hire, if yes, do you have the means to hire? Especially for start-up companies, a needs assessment is important to prevent you from hiring more or to hire less. In most cases where start-up companies overhire, they either not able pay employees as expected or at the right time and sometimes they may have to lay off workers.

On the other hand, if there is indeed a vacant position and the organization is willing to hire, the next question is who are we going to hire. To define who you are looking for is very important in the hiring process.

Who do you need?

Thinking of who you need helps in creating a good job description to attract the right candidate. A job description should be informative, but it must also do more than simply list the desired skills. It should get applicants excited about the role, explain what makes your company unique and describe key responsibilities. Speak to someone who has previously held the role to make sure you accurately describe the position.

When do you need to hire?

When to hire includes, the advertisement period and the employment period. For how long would you want to advertise for that vacant position and when are you ready to welcome your new employee(s). An example is the nature of the hiring process at Jobberman Ghana. It gives candidates an opportunity to state their availability for the job, be it immediately, in a week or a month. Similarly, employers are assured of five-seven days process of filling a vacant position. Even though you need to hire someone, it may not be immediately, you may want to put resources together. You do not want to create an awkward atmosphere where employees will start work and not have the necessary tools to work with.

How do you want to hire?

The hiring process differs. However, what every organization wants is to hire the best yet not spend so much money.

Hiring new employees is sometimes strenuous and time-consuming and expensive. As professionals in the HR landscape, we believe that it’s even more expensive if you make a bad hire. This is why we recommend that you subscribe to Jobberman for an easier solution to make your recruitment process much smoother, cost-effective, giving you just one package for all your recruitment needs and saving you all the hassle of purchasing a new recruitment product anytime you want to hire.

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