Career Stagnation: How To Know Your Career Isn’t Progressing

The ability to get so good at your job such that you can do it in your sleep is so idealized that we often overlook the harm that this can do to a career. It is easy to get caught up in the motions or benefits of having a job such that you do not take the time to evaluate yourself at the job in light of what your career aspirations are. What are the symptoms of career stagnation?

No room for growth

A work environment that does not give room for career growth is a thriving space for career stagnation. Your job should give you room to grow as a professional and should be able to encourage and reward your growth with incentives, promotions and more challenging responsibilities. A work environment that does not encourage growth is not suitable to build a career in, you might take on a job in that environment but it is advisable to put your career above your paycheck.

Disorganized organization

If you notice a number of changes in your organization that create the impression that things are spiraling downhill, that is a good time to jump ship. An organization with structural challenges will not support career progression because it might not be around for long and even if the company does not fold immediately, you career may not have the enabling environment to bloom.

Funny Money

If you could be more rewarded for your efforts in another organization that what is happening in your current organization, your efforts are possibly being under-appreciated. It is believed that after 3 years at the same organization, you are more likely to be paid less than a new hire with the same qualifications. If you realize, you are being underpaid at your job, research the market value of your skill set and ask for a raise commensurate with your experience and qualifications or move on to a place where you will be better appreciated


You know it is time to seek new challenges when you can do your current job in your sleep. If your job doesn’t challenge you anymore, that is a sign of career stagnation. Your job role should be progressive; it should grow with you and be flexible enough to provide new challenges and adjustments to ensure that you are learning and growing as a professional. A job role that is set in stone from the day you take on the responsibility till you decide to quit is not a great place to build vibrant career.


Inasmuch as a great working environment should not leave room for idleness, a working environment that leaves you swamped such that you never stop working even on weekends or after hours, is not great either. The ideal working environment should get easier with time because the there is constant innovation and advancements are being made to work more efficiently and give room for fresh challenges. If you are constantly swamped with work and it doesn’t seem like there is any relief in sight, that is a sign that your career won’t advance any further than being stuck in the mill and repeating the same motions daily. A work environment that focuses on reducing workload through innovation, learning and adopting new technology is great place to have a healthy career


Enyonam Damesi
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