Introducing Our Exclusive Employer Discount: Save GHC 500 on Recruitment Services

Get a discount on our Pro-Recruit Product. Hire your top talents the most cost- effective way. Spend less and get more with our Pro Recruit service.

Jobberman Ghana introduces a special employer offer with its “Pro-Recruit Services”. We understand businesses’ challenges when recruiting top talent while managing budgets effectively. That’s why we’re delighted to offer an exclusive GHC 500 discount on our comprehensive recruitment services.

This offer will streamline recruitment while saving you valuable time and resources. With our comprehensive recruitment services, we offer end-to-end solutions tailored to meet your specific hiring needs.

The cost of hiring a specialist can’t be quantified. Jobberman has further reduced our subsidised pro-recruit services, which originally amounted to GHC 3000, to GHC 2500. Hurry and Take Advantage of this offer.

The Value of our Professional Recruitment Service Promises 

  • Qualified talent with more than 600,000 profiles: Access a vast pool of professional profiles and get the niche skills your brand requires for access.
  • A list of ready-vetted candidates by an HR expert: Do away with the stress of legal compliance, cultural fit evaluation, skills assessment and background screening.
  • A shortlist of 3-5 qualified talents within 5-7 working days: With our turnaround time, you can save time for other prioritised tasks and get the best within the shortest possible time.
  • Access to a professional summary of shortlisted candidates: Make the perfect choice with a ready professional summary of shortlisted experts. 

 The Pro Recruit Package

Jobberman’s Pro-Recruit is your perfect emergency recruitment solution. We work around the clock to obtain the right profiles for your roles.

Pro Recruit takes care of all the laborious recruitment tasks so that you can focus on interviewing the best candidates who applied

The Pro-Recruit Product is a professional service that promises to deliver five candidates within 5-7 working days.

Do you need a quick replacement in your team? We are your emergency experts.

Are you looking to fill new roles? Get the best from us. 

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