9 Reasons Self-promotion is Critical to your Career Success

Self-promotion at work is not about boasting.

When you promote yourself in a humble and inclusive manner, you are setting a positive example for others.

self promotion at work

Dear HR,

I am a young lady who is trying to build a career in marketing. I take pride in the work I do and I have never been afraid to promote my abilities and accomplishment at work. I have a track record of achieving excellent results together with my team. One thing that keeps me motivated is celebrating my wins. Sometimes I go the extra mile of sharing such accomplishments on social media, especially LinkedIn. 

I enjoy every bit of the compliments I get on social media. 

Recently, a colleague at work passed a comment which I find distasteful. “You are doing too much. Must you share every accomplishment with everyone you know? Are you the only one killing it on the job?”

I was taken aback, I felt bad. I have been reflecting on this for a while now. 

HR, please is self-promotion in the workplace good or bad? 

Worried employee, 


Dear Bernice, 

Good to hear from you, and it’s a pleasure to be of assistance to you. I am glad to know you are smashing your goals and winning on the job. You’re surely a great asset to your team and your company. 

Now to your question, self-promotion at work is never a bad thing. Self-promotion is very  important for career success, but it must be done in a way that doesn’t come across as boastful or arrogant. It’s important to find a balance between promoting oneself and recognizing the contributions of others.

Your colleague might have found it weird because you are loud about it, or she might have felt you are overshadowing the rest of the team, or you are solely taking credit for the team’s effort. All the same, no need to worry, it’s always better to have moderation in whatever we do as professionals. 

We live in a competitive work environment where excelling on the job and just keeping quiet about it is not enough. To advance your career, you need to be able to promote yourself and your accomplishments. While some may view self-promotion as arrogant or boastful, it is an essential part of building a successful career. 

Here are 9 reasons why self-promotion at work is critical to your career success.

1. It Highlights Your Achievements

Self-promotion allows you to showcase your skills and accomplishments to your colleagues and superiors. This is particularly important when it comes to performance evaluations and promotions.

2. It Builds Your Personal Brand

By promoting yourself and your work, you are building your personal brand. This can help you stand out in a crowded job market and increase your chances of being considered for new opportunities.

3. It Increases Your Visibility

When you promote yourself, you are putting yourself in front of decision-makers and key influencers within your organization. This increased visibility can lead to new opportunities and career growth.

4. It Boosts Your Confidence

By acknowledging and promoting your achievements, you are boosting your confidence and self-esteem. This can help you take on new challenges and approach your work with a positive mindset.

5. It Demonstrates Your Value

 When you promote yourself and are loud about your results, you are demonstrating your value to your organization. This can make you a more valuable and indispensable employee.

6. It Encourages Networking

Self-promotion can lead to networking opportunities, both within your organization and outside of it. This can help you build valuable relationships that can benefit your career in the future.

7. It Positions You as an Expert

When you promote your expertise and knowledge, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field. This can lead to more opportunities for speaking engagements, thought leadership, and other professional development activities.

8. It Enables You to Take Control of Your Career

By promoting yourself and your work, you are taking control of your career. You are not relying on others to recognize your achievements and skills but rather taking an active role in shaping your own career trajectory.

9. It Sets a Positive Example

When you promote yourself in a humble and inclusive manner, you are setting a positive example for others. You are demonstrating the importance of recognizing and celebrating achievements and building a positive and collaborative work environment.

Self-promotion at work is not about boasting or arrogance, but rather about recognizing and celebrating your achievements and building a successful career. 

By promoting yourself and your work, you are building your personal brand, increasing your visibility, and demonstrating your value to your organization. So don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your accomplishments – it’s a critical part of building a successful career.

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