Relevance Ranking: How Not to Miss your Next Opportunity

In this day and age, finding a job can be a real hustle. In addition to trying your best to get a role in a reputable organization, you either pay or pray your way through. The world of  work in the 21st century is highly competitive and as such, demands that the job seeker satisfies all requirements in order not to miss out on the opportunity sought for. 

The onus lies on the job seeker to leave an unforgettable impression of themselves for optimization by employers. This, though quite challenging, is actually not a difficult task. 


It’s something you can actually do with much ease.

One sure way of getting that dream job is to be visible to employers. This is possible through optimizing yourself to be where employers can see you.

The use of recruiting systems like the Applicant Tracking System ensures that applicants like you meet the set requirements for roles sought to be filled. 

Employers use these in making decisions based on the information candidates feed the system with vis a vis the set requirements the system is set to rank candidates by. 

The system then helps to optimize based on the employer’s requirements using the level of experience, qualifications, job function and location.

As your leading recruitment partner who has the primary aim to match qualified candidates like you to your prospective employers, we seek to aid you in ironing out every thing that places you out of your employer’s sight.  

Yes, we have you at heart and we are keen on helping get you that dream job. But how do I get this done might be your question by now. The joy is , we are in this with you. You are not alone and we are ever ready to help you get the job of your dreams. 

The ‘How’ Made easy

Jobberman Ghana is giving you the opportunity to do yourself some good and end your hiring woes. With a complete profile on Jobberman, you stand a chance of being ranked higher when you apply for jobs. Employers are able to reach out to you when there is a job your profile suits best for. 

Here is what happens when you have a complete profile on Jobberman.

High Ranking

With a 100% complete profile on jobberman, you are ranked higher for visibility by employers. You get to be one of the few to quickly catch the attention of your employer, thereby increasing your chances of moving to the next level in the recruitment process.

Profile Optimization

When you complete your profile, what you have actually done is to improve your chances of being among the topmost candidates sought by the employer. There is the possibility of being shortlisted and thus moved to the next level of the recruitment process. 

Direct Employer Reach

Can you imagine being called by an employer to fill a role you  have not yet applied for? Yes! This by far is one of the most interesting features you can actually enjoy as a job seeker. You actually have this great advantage simply because you have a complete job seeker profile on Jobberman. Employers get to access your profile to see if you meet their requirements although you have not yet applied.

This is Jobberman Ghana indirectly finding you a job for free. You become visible to the endless pool of employers on our platform. 

Get your profile completed and your prospect employers finding your relevance.

The job search interface has gone through facets of changes over the past periods. These changes have been effected in order to facilitate your search for improved experience and results.

Save yourself the stress and strain in your  job search. Signing  up on Jobberman and completing your profile to a 100% gives you the benefit of endless openings for better career experience and onward advancement.

Now is the time to change your career story for the best .

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Deborah Nyarko
Deborah is a community marketer at Jobberman Ghana. Digital marketing, content creation and copy writing are among her acquired skills. Deborah is highly dedicated and positive minded. She is also a great team player.
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