4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales 

Some of the reasons why you should consider a sales career include: High Earning potential, Versatile Choices and Flexibility in Work Hours.

Every day, manufacturers churn out million’s worth of products and all these manufacturers depend solely on the sales workforce to find buyers for their products. 

The sales industry is a fast-growing one and usually the most dominant department in most organizations. The industry comprises operations and activities that help in promoting and selling goods and services to consumers. 

However, Ghana has provided a wide range of opportunities for the sales industry. It keeps growing in the urban areas and have intended to increase income, employment as well as change the lifestyle of people across the country.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a career in sales.

  1. Greater  Earning potential

Selling products and services have proven to be somewhat challenging for workers who are in the Sales and Marketing field. They deal with tough competition and thus need compensation. Most companies tend to compensate salespersons through commissions. Many sales careers are based on commission. Meaning, the higher the sales achieved, the more commission earned.  Employers offer a commission to motivate their employees and make them more productive to generate more sales.

2. Versatile Choices

Most companies need salespeople, which means  that there is a wide range of opportunities in sales. As such, salespeople are able to work in any industry of their choice without any limitations.  The profession has versatile choices to the extent that, if there’s a product or service that particularly interests you, you could probably get a job selling it in any industry. In fact, people who have experience in sales likely developed some highly desirable traits like great communication skills, persuasiveness, confidence, issues resolution, etc. which makes it difficult for employers to let them go.

3. Flexibility in Work Hours

Many salespeople have options for flexible working hours. Salespeople with flexible schedules may not have to move to work every day. This saves them money on transport  expenses, work clothing, and eating lunch out every day. 

Also, flexibility in working hours will help them balance work and home life. And, employees have found out that working from home has its benefits, including the ability to be productive.

4. Impressive Professional Network

Salespeople get to meet prominent and affluent clients in the course of work. This further enhances the relationship, incredible learning, and network opportunities. They usually are the face of the brand on the ground. 

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Bernice Acquah
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