Office Romance: The Truth About Office Relationships

With over 40% of our daily hours spent in the workplace, finding love in the office is not an alien concept. Read on how to handle such a tricky situation.

Office Romance: The Truth About Office Relationships

A recent Gallup poll  suggest that over 45% of workers have experienced office romance at least once. Workplace crushes are incredibly common these days and that is plausible, Seeing as there are more singles in the job market and people spend more than half of their adulthood at the workplaces. It stands to reason that people who are drawn to the same employer often have common interests and a similar outlook on life.

It is argued that spending a lot of time with the same person is likely to stir feelings of love and breed intimacy. Falling in love with your co-worker is natural and quite likely to occur once or more in your professional life. It is not surprising that when people with similar interest enjoy protracted proximity  in a convenient environment, love looms in the air. So how do you handle a budding romantic relationship with your colleague?

Know the Company policy.

Some companies have rules against office romance or dating a colleague, in certain instances depending on how closely people work together. It is important to consider even if there’s no formal policy, whether your organization’s culture is tolerant of such relationships.

It is practically impossible to be discreet about officer romance. Colleagues sooner than later will find out and the blow back effect may be overwhelming. Also, it is necessary to think critically about the potential effects on your careers. You may be in a situation where finding a life partner is more important than the job, or where you have enough flexibility to transfer elsewhere if things take an awkward turn. On the other hand, if you’re on a stellar career trajectory, you may not want to risk it.

Issues of Gender and Personal Victimization

Although it takes two to tango, women, it seems, are more often victimized than their fellow men when rumors of an office romance gains currency. Research suggest there are three primary motivating factors for indulging in office romance and dating: love, ego, and job promotion. As it turns out, those perceived motivations appear to vary depending on gender. In most situations, employees believe that women are motivated by job promotion while men are either motivated by love or ego which are less professionally threatening.

No Public Display of Affection

There must be a conscious effort to overcome the natural urge to openly and publicly display affection especially the use of pet names, touching, kissing and lingering stares. Colleagues who are not informed about your affair should never guess with any certainty the status of your relationship. This shows respect for the professionalism. Try to keep your office door open when you’re together, Okay.

Keep your Professional Focus.

So, if you happen to find love at work, stay in balance and in focus. Keep it professional and keep it private. Be resolute, do not let your personal life affect the quality of your of your professional life. Do not cut corners for the person you are in love love with, or undermine due process to make them happy or comfortable. Remain as resolute, fair and professional as possible

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