My NSS Experience at KNUST in the Midst of a Pandemic

Sylvester shares his memorable national service experience during the COVID-19 pandemic at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

I am Sylvester Wepaworo Adoa from Paga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. I read Geography and Rural Development at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi-Ghana.

Even though COVID-19 pandemic made me finish school in grand style due to the closure of schools in March 2020. I was very excited the day I wrote  my last paper which was online. The fact that I was going to start earning something on my own through national service brought me joy.

Nevertheless, the 2020 postings delayed because of the pandemic and that caused a lot of anxiety for prospective  personnel. But I  was not so much affected anyways because prior to the postings, I had received a call from my lecturer. Apparently, they wanted me to serve at the examination office at KNUST.

Even though that was not my target, I had to accept the offer because of the confidence reposed in me. My lecturer told me the office was a very sensitive place. As a result, they needed someone they could trust and he felt I was one of the best persons.

Fast forward, in the first week of September 2020, we received a communique from National Service Scheme that service was supposed to begin on 7th September 2020. You can imagine the relief that news brought to us. However, I was not able to begin on the said date due to some obvious reasons. I reported to work on the 14th of September, 2020.

National Service Approach and Experience

Prior to starting service, I had decided that I was not going to disappoint myself and my lecturer by being lazy. I resolved to give out my best, and not to only see as service just as other colleagues saw it. So when we started, I took it seriously and gave out my best. I was very diligent to the point that I got chose among all the nine (9) service personnel in the office and given extra power of signing documents in the absence of my superior. I was also charged to coordinate and supervise activities of the office for two months when the Senior Staff Association of University Workers strike against the government.

I can confidently say that the office saw me as an asset throughout the service period and I became a personal assistant to my boss because he liked my attitude towards work.

When service came to an end in August 2021, I informed my boss my rent had expired and I needed to move to a different place. But he was not ready to let me go and opted to offer me a two-month allowance and accommodation at his residence in kumasi so I could serve the office for two more months.

Unfortunately, I had another opportunity somewhere else so I had to decline his offer. This experience has made me come to the realization that being diligent in every aspect of our lives, pays.

In conclusion, I enjoyed my service period and I also learnt a lot of things that I am now applying at my current workplace.


I would like to end this exciting narration with the following advice.

Firstly, learn to do the right thing whether or not someone is watching you, because people are always watching you from afar.

Secondly, give out your best in anything your hands find doing.

Finally, in all your endeavors, aim at excellence as your main goal, because excellence will take you places.

I hope you have been inspired!

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Sylvester Adoa
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