Know Your Worth: How to Stop Under-earning

Do you know your worth as a job seeker? Is your current salary/rate what you are actually supposed to be earning based on industry standards? Are you being cheated or exploited by your employer? As an employer, do you consider the salary you pay your employees competitive enough to retain the best hands or good enough to attract qualified candidates? These are crucial questions, which deserve urgent attention.

In furtherance of its commitment towards transforming productivity for employees and employers in Ghana and across Africa, Jobberman Ghana has launched a salary insights tool. This tool is designed to provide free access to transparent data to ensure job seekers know their worth and ensure that employers pay market-standard salaries for work done. This will help employers achieve better retention of their best hands.

Do you know that according to the Jobberman Millennial Workplace Productivity Report, 29% of millennials possess high flight risk and are quite willing to change jobs? Also, insights from the Jobberman Ghana 2018 report on the Best 100 Companies in Ghana to Work has revealed that salaries contribute to reasons why employees have higher job mobility and poor job satisfaction.

Know Your Worth: Benefits of Salary Insights Tool

There are immense benefits you stand to derive from using the salary insights tool and this covers both employers and employees. Let’s take a quick look.

Benefits to Job seekers:

  • Know how much you should earn for your current role or future role.
  • Know how much you should earn when you switch industries, roles or location.
  • Know what professionals with similar experience earn.
  • Know what to earn when negotiating a salary raise or a new role.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Helps you accurately benchmark salary offers with market levels.
  • Ensures equality in pay based on experience rather than gender.
  • Ensures competitive edge in attracting and retaining the right calibre of professionals                              

So, What’s Next?
Are you itching to find out what you deserve to earn as a job seeker or what competitive rates would help you ensure you retain your best hands and also attract qualified professionals to help you ensure no flight risks among your employees?

If your answer is yes, then click HERE if you are a job seeker looking to know your worth or click HERE if you are an employer seeking to retain and attract the right calibre of employees.

Pro Tip: To get the best experience with the salary insights tool, please use a desktop or laptop as we are currently working on customising the pages for mobile devices.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Social Media and Community Marketer at Jobberman Ghana || Blogger || Motivator || Radio host || "Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested."
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