5 Ways You Can Keep in Touch with Your old Boss

Many people forget to stay in touch with their old bosses after they have left their job. They cut all ties with them even when they departed without a feud. Others would rather contact them only when in need. This is clearly wrong. Your former bosses are your certified networking goldmine. They know your background, work capabilities, work in your industry and also have their own set of professional contacts. They are the best people to go to for recommendations and can introduce you to new opportunities like the “big shots” in the industry. Here are a few ways you can continue to stay friendly with your old boss without coming off as desperate;

1. Send in Emails from Time to Time

To get in touch with your old bosses first consider sending an email. To most managers, emails are their first point of call once they get to the office. They frequently visit their emails to pass on information and receive updates on meetings, assignments and newsletters. To get your old employers attention via email make it short, simple and go straight to the point. Long emails run the risk of not being read or understood.

If you want to leave the impression of actually checking up on them, there are ways you can go about it. Do not only contact your old boss when you’re looking for a job. It sets off the impression that you’re simply seeking for help.

In your message ask how they are doing. Type out your message to indicate a genuine concern for their health and well being. Everyone loves a bit of attention and love. A well carved message showing you care and are genuinely concerned about them will set the mood for a prompt response and interactive engagement.

2. A Simple Phone Call Won’t Hurt

You can use phone calls to stay in touch with your old boss. Phone calls are great way to reach your boss directly. It gives you the assurance that your message has been received as long as they answer the call. You can keep your boss updated on your professional and personal accomplishments with just a phone call.

If you land a new job, you can call and let them know. You can do this by way of thanking them for their contribution to your career growth while you were working with them. On a more personal milestone you can also inform and invite them to your wedding, child christening event or any other event you will host. As long as you are mindful of the appropriate hours to call, feel free to “buzz” your old boss from time to time and stay connected.

3. Make Good Use of Holiday Cards

Think of how you feel when you receive best wishes on special occasions; warm, happy, and amused right? You can try to do same for your old boss. It signals that someone took time and effort to stay in touch, even if you aren’t in contact regularly. It tells a lot about how the person cares enough to send you “A happy birthday card” or  “happy new year”.

Your old boss is likely to tell everyone how kind you are to have sent him best wishes even after your departure. They may display it on their wall at the office or home to constantly remind them of your thoughtful gesture and courtesy. As little as it may seem, it is a great way to win the love and affection of your old boss.

4. Send Invitations To Major Personal Events

Placing a phone call to invite your old boss to your special personal events is not a bad idea but don’t stop there. For those occasions where you send out invitation cards, don’t forget to put your old bosses names on the list.

A better way to keep a good relationship with your old bosses is if you personally walk to them to deliver your invitation. Your presence alone communicates how important they are to you because you took time off your duties to personally send in your invitation.

If you are moving or changing your name and email after marriage, send your old bosses a  “here’s my new contact info” note as you would to your friends and family. When you share, it does not only show that you’re interested in staying in touch but also fosters your personal relationship with your old bosses.

5. Stay in touch on Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great platforms to stay in touch. Unlike many years ago, social media has made connecting with friends and family much easier. If you did not add your old bosses to your facebook friends list while you were working with them,  you can now do so as long as you maintain a responsible social media presence. If you only want to maintain a professional relationship with them, Linkedin and twitter (if your account is professional) are the best options available for you.

As you bear these in mind, remember that courtesy is all that matters. No matter, the medium you choose to keep in touch, make sure you accord your old bosses with as much respect as you would of you were still under their authority. Stay in touch as often as you can. No one will be motivated to reply to a diatribe or desperate message of an old employee seeking for nothing but a favor in return.

Are you thinking of getting in touch with your old boss? Through which medium do you find the most appropriate to do so? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
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