Jobberman Introduces High-Quality Business Training

Jobberman has launched a set of curated programs, with the aim to help employers equip their teams with essential skills to enhance business performance.

business training

Jobberman Ghana has launched a set of curated training programs, delivered by experts, and designed to help employers equip their teams with essential business skills that will ensure increased business performance.  This new offering is called Jobberman Business Training

According to the CEO of Jobberman Ghana, Hilda Nimo-Tieku, employers always seek to hire the right fit for the job, yet it has become necessary for employers to keep up with emerging trends in skills acquisition. They must seek to develop and train their employees to overcome performance gaps that can be based on a lack of knowledge or skills. 

“Every business rides on specific ideas, but to bring these ideas to life, you need the right people with the right skills and knowledge. Your employees make the business, so investing in them through relevant training and development programs would go a long way to contribute to business growth.

As your recruitment and HR solutions partner, we strongly believe one of the key strategies to keep existing talent and attract potential star employees into your company is by training and upskilling them,” she explained.

On her part, Head of Human Resource for Jobberman Ghana, Freda Nana Embil, added that; “every HR has the interest of employees in every company at heart. So seeing employees learn, develop and grow on the job brings fulfilment to us. Since it’s our core duty to identify competent professionals to grow the business, it’s also our responsibility to utilize our HR budgets effectively to benefit both employees and employers.”

She continued that training and development programs like the Jobberman Business Training enhance creativity and innovation among employees. 

The Jobberman Business Training has a variety of programs with a minimum of two (2) courses that are tailored to suit the needs of your team. These include; customer service, management training, sales, communications, personal branding, ICT among others. 

These programs will be solely administered by certified trainers who are experts in their respective industries.  The training will be held at key serene locations in Accra and serve as an opportunity for employees to network and connect with like-minded professionals from different industries and companies. 

At the end of each training, participants will be given certificates and the option to take an assessment to assess their newly acquired skill set. 

Ready to take your team on that journey of success? It’s time to build better teams with the Jobberman Business Training, find out more here. 

Genevieve Amponsah
Notification Bell