Be wary job recruitment scams – CEO of Jobberman Ghana

recruitment scams

Mr. Babajide Otoki, CEO of Jobberman Ghana has cautioned jobseekers to be wary of recruitment scams, when surfing the internet for job opportunities this year.

In a statement, the CEO of Ghana’s No 1 jobs website pointed out that during the early part of the year, organisations and companies recruit for certain positions. This happens to be the time, where some unscrupulous individuals and recruitment scammers also try to take advantage of job seekers.

“Around this time of the year, earnest graduates and jobseekers looking to make an honest living are often preyed upon by sophisticated scammers luring them in with ‘easy job’ offers,” he said: adding, “job seekers must be careful not to let their desire to be employed cloud good caution and judgment, when browsing or applying for job opportunities.”

Mr. Otoki admonished job seekers to be extra cautious and look out for jobs ads which have generic titles; as these jobs often do not require special training or licensing.

“Because most of these jobs do not often require any training, they appeal to a wide range of applicants, who fall prey in their quest to find something doing rather than staying unemployed”, he further added.

He also cautioned job seekers to be very cautious of any job, which demands that applicants should share their personal information or hand over money, adding: “No job seeker should be made to pay money for applying a job or to facilitate the process for them to be interviewed for a job”.

Mr. Otoki suggested a number of ways people can protect themselves, when applying for jobs online:

  • Check out any job offer carefully. Don’t be taken in by wild claims or glowing testimonials. Type the company name plus ‘scam’ into an internet search engine. You may find reports from people who have been targeted by the same scam.
  • Be suspicious of online ads promoting the opportunity to work from home or offering fanciful remuneration packages – many of them are scams.
  • Do not pay money for job applications or for being shortlisted for a job vacancy.
  • Never use your bank account to transfer money to someone you don’t know.
  • Check the business website to make sure a job opening is posted there. If you’re still not sure, call the business to check on the position.
  • Always confirm the name of the company that has invited you for an Interview. Confirm that the venue of the interview indicated is the same as the hiring company or recruiting agency’s official address.
  • Be very cautious of any job that asks you to share personal information. Often scam artistes will ask for credit/debit card and bank account details. Providing your personal details exposes you to identity theft; as the “employer” can then use your information to perpetuate other crimes.

Stay stafe, avoid paying money for jobs. That is the first indication of a job scam

Jide Otoki
Notification Bell