4 Basic Job Hunting Tips Every Job Seeker Must Know

Finding a job is daunting. Whether you are fresh from school or tired of your current job and need a change, here are 4 job search tips you should know.

Finding a job can be very stressful in these challenging times. However, there are certain key elements that play a vital role in your job search which you must pay attention to during your search.

Whether you are fresh from the university and looking for a job or you are tired of your current job and need a new job, here are 4 job hunting tips you should know in this day of technology.

1. Search And Apply for Only Jobs You Qualify For

One common mistake most job seekers make is applying to every job they come across when job hunting. Applying for every job you chance on is never a good idea. This is a total waste of time and energy. You may appear as too desperate if you apply for jobs that do not even match your skills. Always make sure you read and understand the job requirements before you click on the apply button.

2. Hone Your Skills

Hone your skills

In recent times, employers and hiring managers are looking beyond the CV to hire the best fit for the next vacant role. These employers are using skills assessments test to filter applicants as part of the recruitment process before an interview is even scheduled. During your job search, make it a point to improve on your skills and knowledge in your required field because assessments tests are now being utilised to ascertain how competent you are for the job.

3. Get Your CV Noticed

Get your CV noticed

In the professional world, your CV is your marketing tool. So as a job seeker never ever underestimate the power of your CV. To boost your chances for an interview, tailor your CV to suit the job description. Figure out what the employer is looking for and draft your CV to suit the job requirements. Whatever duties, skills and experience mentioned in the job description are what you should highlight in your own experience. Additionally, back up your skills with real-life examples. Remember that your CV must have the capacity to leave a lasting impression on the mind of a potential employer. Jobberman can help you increase your chance of landing an interview with a well-tailored CV. Click here for more.

4. Go To Where The Jobs Are

Go to where the jobs are

In the quest to look for greener pastures and for a better life, people used to move from one place to another to find jobs to earn a livelihood. Others also relied on close relations for job opportunities.

But in the 21st century, things have changed. Technology has made the job search easy. Yes, Job vacancies are just a click away from you. No need to travel for a long distance. Jobberman has made it easy and free. At Jobberman our mission is to connect job seekers to their dream jobs no matter where they are. All you have to do is to create a job alert.

Create a Job Alert

Create a Job alert for free and apply for jobs for free on Jobberman. The Job Alerts feature is a customised email notification based on preferences which includes job type, function, industry, location and more. This means that we take the stress off you and send you only the jobs that suit your career trajectory immediately they are posted by employers on Jobberman.

Take a look at the features and also how you can set up job alerts.

Genevieve Amponsah
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