Jobberman Holds Executive Breakfast with HR Experts

Once in a while as a business, you need to engage with your clients to build strong and lasting relationships. Its is needed for longevity and sustainability.

Once in a while as a business, you need to engage with your clients to build strong and lasting relationships.

It goes beyond just providing a product or service – it involves actively involving and connecting with your clients to understand their needs, exceed their expectations, and foster loyalty.

 Jobberman Ghana, held a hearty and exciting Executive Breakfast Event for HR industry experts  and corporate business owners at the Airport View Hotel in Accra on the 22nd of June, 2023. The event focused on The Power of Human Resources for Business Growth: Hiring the Right Fit for the Job”. 

Addressing the theme guest speaker for the day, Dr. Jeff Bassey said, that the survival of every organization is dependent on three major categories of industry experts; the thinkers, builders and improvers. 

Dr. Bassey added that producers are those who apply their skills and execute repeatable processes in order to achieve organizational growth and sustainability.

 Adding on he mentioned that the success of every organization can be measured through 3 lenses, including employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. 

“For me there are only two things anybody needs to start a business or to run successful organizations – people and planning”, he stressed. 

CEO of Jobberman Ghana Hilda Nimo Tieku also stated that as a 360 HR solutions company, matching employers to the most qualified candidates remains our utmost priority, and stressed that in order to streamline the hiring process, the Relevance Ranking & Recommended Candidates Features, recently launched, seek to make the hiring process more efficient and seamless.

Speaking on the theme she gave highlights on the area of Maximizing Talent Matching Efficiency, she made mention that Jobberman Ghana’s product offerings deliver value and fulfillment to both employer and employee needs. She mentioned that employers are assured of having top level industry players as team members. 

She reiterated that the Jobberman Ghana “executive recruitment” product guarantees employers the top level professionals they seek to have. 

Presenting on Jobberman’s new Relevance Ranking and Recommended Candidate features was Rita Djabatey product analyst at Jobberman Ghana.

She focused on taking industry experts through the employer dashboard on the jobberman platform, how employers are to navigate and as well uncovered the unending benefits of the newly added Relevance Ranking and Recommended Candidate features to employers.

The event was graced by some human resource professionals in Ghana and employees of Jobberman.

Deborah Nyarko
Notification Bell