How to Identify Star Employees

It’s the desire of every employer to point out to the one-star performer whose exceptional traits contribute to the success of the business. Yes, employers and HR managers find star employees the beacon of their companies.

According to some HR managers, star performers are the future of every organization and a beacon to the team. Star employees do not just excel in their work but are skilled and competent. They have the right personality for the role, with the ultimate aim to produce results. No matter the size of your business, there is surely that one person whose work is extraordinary and superb.

Here are 5 ways to identify a star employee in your organization.

  1. They Are Skillful

Every job demands a special skill or competence to execute it. When an employee is well trained and adept in his/her field, it manifests in their work. This kind of employee takes pride in his/her work and understands how their work impacts their company.

As a recruiter, HR Manager, or employer, one way to identify who can do the job best is by making use of skills assessment tests during the recruitment process.

These tests allow employers to know who has the technical skills and best fits for the role. In Ghana, employers who advertise their vacant roles on Jobberman are finding the best fits for their companies using the skills assessments test. Find your next talent here.

2. They Take Initiative

Such employees absolutely know his/her job and do not wait to be told what to do. They are action-oriented, are able to spot opportunities and take advantage of them. Every business thrives on innovation and it is paramount that managers or employers are able to identify innovative employees. Innovative staff members are creative and are always brainstorming for new and better ways that can contribute to achieving the overall business goals. When you identify a star employee like this, don’t overlook this unique trait, retain them.

3. They Work Well Autonomously

One of the key traits of a star employee is working autonomously. This kind of employee works very well independently and has total control over his/her work. If you have such a person in your team, you need not worry about getting work done, this person is surely reliable and will produce results on time.

Employees with such traits exhibit a sense of responsibility and are self-motivated. When you have such a staff, make sure to appreciate their hard work, because autonomous employees enjoy seeing their work being recognized.

As a manager, supervisor, or employer, it is essential that you match your employees with projects or tasks that best suit their skills, abilities, and experiences. And this is a sure way to bring out the best in them naturally.

4. They Understand Teamwork

Star employees understand that the success of a business does not depend only on an individual but the collective effort of each employee. Star performers are discerning and acknowledge the fact that creativity thrives when people work in a team.

Although star performers are independent, they understand that collaborating with other team members has a remarkable impact in accomplishing their goals. Employees with such traits are always ready to lend a hand to other colleagues to be better at what they do. By doing so, others learn from them too. This distinguishes them from other employees and they serve as a beacon to the team.

5. Find them Right at Recruitment

During recruitment, CV’s serve as marketing tools for job seekers. Employers are able to identify who has the skills set needed for the job based on what and how the CV’s are tailored to suit a specific job role or job description. Definitely, the CV’s are doing a great job in marketing candidates to employers.  As a result of that some candidates have taken advantage of this to outsmart recruiters and HR managers by lying on their CV’s.

How then would you be able to identify who has the skills and is competent enough to do the job? The best answer is to look beyond the CV and test applicants using skills assessment tests.

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Genevieve Amponsah
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