How a Young Graduate Discovered His Passion For Teaching

Solomon Inkoom shares his experience during national service, and how he developed a passion for teaching. He found his passion.
Get inspired with his story.

national service

During my NSS in 2019, I was posted to the Ministry of Finance.  I went there with my NSS letter which was accepted. I was asked to submit my CV through their email address.

Unfortunately I wasn’t the only service personnel placed at the ministry. So after submitting our CVs, we were later invited for an interview after which we were informed they will later call the qualified ones to commence their service.

Nonetheless, I waited for three solid weeks and no call came through from the ministry. Thoughts started running through my mind and I was later advised by a friend do re-posting because he felt I would not be called again. But that very day as I was pondering over what the friend told me, I had a call from the ministry and guess what follows, “we are sorry for the inconvenience caused, you were not selected so kindly pass by and take your re-posting letter.” Hmmm, I was disappointed though but I accepted it like that.

I later did the re-posting and I was placed in a secondary school in the Central Region called Odoben Senior High (ODOSCO) in Asikuma Odoben Brakwa (A.O.B).

In fact, I had no passion for teaching because I was a network engineering student. I wanted an industry that I could have some hands-on experience with but I ended up in the teaching field.

My first day on campus as a service person was awesome, I was introduced to the students as their new teacher. The students warmly welcomed me. Management later did an orientation for us and we were taught some teaching techniques. I was assigned to a form three class.

At this moment, I want you to relax a bit while I tell you what transpired over the service period.

One unbelievable thing I will always remember about my service is that, over there, I was able to save enough of my service allowance, do you know why?  Because while my colleagues were busily spending their allowance on food elsewhere, I was enjoying free food from the school. Yes, you heard me right! And I mean three square meals a day.

Secondly, even though teaching was initially a big challenge for me, I was able to manage it well as a graduate. In the end, I was able to gain teaching skills from fellow teachers and in the classroom also.

Thirdly, I became a cadet MIC and through hard work, I was able to take the school to an inter- regional hike. I also had the chance to design a cadet certificate for the form 3 students. It was a big achievement because for a long time (since 2016), they had nothing like a cadet certificate for those who successfully complete the cadet program.

In conclusion, I can boldly say I really enjoyed my national service time as a teacher. The experience has helped me to identify my passion in teaching, and now I am a proud teacher making an impact at Balsam Institute of Science and Technology.

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Author: Solomon Inkoom, Teacher, Balsam Institute of Science and Technology

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