GIZ Young Graduate Spotlight: Godwin Hope Ankrah Kimbekete

The coronavirus pandemic has had tremendous and swift effects on workplace culture. The nature of work and corporate interactions have changed drastically. It has pushed business leaders to consider which culture changes they want to retain and which workplace environment elements they must counteract.

This may seem challenging but it has been something that Godwin Hope Ankrah Kimbekete has always wanted to see; a workplace environment that is expressive, free, and creative with laid down tasks, with people corresponding to achieve them.

The Regional Maritime graduate has unique perspectives to share.

Q: If you did a project/thesis, what was is it about?

Ans: The challenges of traditional warehousing for small and medium scale enterprises within the central business district of Accra Ghana.

Q: How did you decide what project/thesis you would do and what is your hope for the future of your project/thesis?

Ans: My project was inspired by an observation I made while shopping in the markets of Accra. Noticing the cluster and the lack of formal education for many of the traders, I sought to find out what storage mechanisms they employed to keep their goods in such a small space and find out what support they received from the government to ensure a safe trading environment.

I desire that the findings of my research will be brought to light and that future studies will be conducted in that regard to provide sustainable solutions to facilitate business within the central business district of Accra Ghana.

Q: A brief description of your university experience and your expectations for work?

Ans: Regional Maritime University allowed me to not just study and understand the maritime industry but also build strong communication and presentation skills. It also allowed me to be a team player and leader, a careful researcher who pays attention to details.

I found myself leading my team anytime there was a presentation. Leading in researching and in communicating our findings. I learnt to handle all types of people and to be a team player. I also learnt to start an online clothing store, using social media as my marketing tool, and not having to keep any stock or have a physical building or asset.

From products to delivery to the customer is outsourced. I expect a working environment to be free and open to new and creative ideas and not rigid. Teamwork and team spirit are key. Work just needs to be fulfilling basically.

Q: What is your ideal work environment and culture?

Ans: Simply a place where I can learn while I work, nurture my ideas and creativity, and build a good flowing relationship with other colleagues of like-mindedness. I also believe in an expressive, free, and creative work environment with laid down tasks and corresponding people to achieve them.

Q: If you ever owned a company, how would you run it?

Ans: Set up goals and tasks and find competent people to handle them or find people and build the company’s goals and tasks around them. These two options have worked for me in my online clothing store.

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