Company Reviews for Your Job Search Success

Most important decisions require some form of reference from past or current users. Even employers seek out your previous employers to get a feel for your professional qualities before considering to hire you. Do you check companies reviews from existing or past employees? These reviews will give you an unbiased view of the company before you accept an offer. Such reviews in Ghana are also conducted by independent organisations with a stake in the job market like Jobberman Ghana.

Below is why company reviews matter in your job search;

1.Real Experiences from Real Employees

Company reviews give you an insight into a company’s day to day in the eyes of an employee. You get to understand how the company culture is like, beyond the vibrant job ads you responded to and the colourful company pictures on the company website. You get a feel of the employees’ pain points and decide if it’s something you can put up with.

2. Good and Bad Reviews

When looking through company reviews, you will encounter good and bad reviews from employees. Both are very important in helping you decide what you want in your next employer. Good reviews help you know what benefits you will gain from the company, while the seemingly bad reviews help you gauge possible challenges you may encounter working in the company. It is always good to remember that these views are heavily subjective, hence make your own judgment based on your history and what you want for the future. Remember that these reviews may form the basis of the questions you ask during interviews to get clarification, so pay attention and take note of what you consider important.

3. Salary Negotiating Advantage

You might be wondering what to quote when asked the salary question during an interview. You can easily get this information from company reviews. Even though some employees may not give exacts of the amount they were getting for certain roles, they will state whether it was within or below the market rate. You should then find out the average market rate for that role and figure out where the company in question lies. This helps you prepare for the interview.

4. Company Position in the Industry

You will find the ‘real situation on the ground’ for many companies in reviews by their staff. Not in their brand campaigns or on their website. A company’s vision or mission most of the time is what they want to be, not what they currently are. The values on company websites are what they are working and pushing to attain. This also applies to the company’s position in its industry. Good companies have good employee policies that ensure employee satisfaction. Plus most companies that rank high in an industry also have a great culture and high employee retention rates.

5. Predict Company’s Future

Though sometimes overlooked, employees are the most important assets in a company. You can tell a company that cares about its posterity and creating a legacy by how people who work there feel and talk about it. Companies keen on creating legacies value their employees and seek to grow them so that they in return can grow the company. Seldom do companies that have poor hr policies go far if they don’t change course.

Now that you know the value of company reviews, you can help other job seekers out there in their endeavour by taking part in an anonymous Jobberman Ghana’s company review. Follow this link to take the survey.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.
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