Tips on Career Planning

Career planning refers to all of the processes, activities and actions that help you attain your personal career goals. See how to plan your career.

Career planning refers to all of the processes, activities and actions that you put in place to help you attain your personal career goals.  Planning is an essential step that most people ignore to take in their career. Somehow, we ignore the intentional process of ensuring all our career-related decisions are geared towards a particular end and just go with whatever comes our way. It is easy to send as many applications as possible and start work with the first company that calls, leaving the chips to fall where they may. Without effective career planning, you leave your career and by extension, the rest of your life at the mercy of your current or next employer.

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Planning your career is the most important step after deciding what career to pursue. The process begins with knowing yourself; it also involves a lot of, research, a job search and finally taking action. This time of year is a good opportunity to evaluate all the steps you have taken all year, gauge the eventual outcome against expected outcomes and project into the future.

The point of career planning is to channel your ambitions desires and expectations into a strategy that will help you get the most out of your desired career and help you settle into a rewarding career. The process of career planning involves being aware of your personal goals and values as well as work goals.

The process is never one-off; it involves continuous learning and application of new knowledge, and above all being always prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

MamiSerwaa Amoakohene shares tips on how to plan for the career you want in this video

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