BEST MATCH 2.0: One On One With The Product Team

If you are an employer or recruiter, this is made just for you. Get matched with 10 BEST candidates in just 10 working days in Ghana.

Recently Jobberman Ghana launched the newly improved BEST MATCH 2.0 to connect employers to 10 BEST qualified candidates in 10 working days.

We caught up with the product team to tell us more about the BEST MATCH 2.0 and the work that went into developing this idea of matching employers to quality professionals ready to work who are competent and best fit the role within 10 working days.

Here is what ensued between the marketing team and the product team.

  1. Marketing Team: What exactly is the BEST MATCH 2.0?

Product Team: Our Best Match Product offers a comprehensive solution that both tests and shortlists.  Alternatively, you can pair our standard product with a skills assessment addon so that employers can test and shortlist using the ATS. This is all done within 10working days and 10 BEST qualified candidates are presented to employers. This is BEST of the Best, Effective, Efficient, and Transparent. In that, the employer can monitor the whole process and can make an informed hiring decision.


  1. Marketing Team: What prompted the revamp of Best Match?

Product Team: Employers wanted a product that both assessed the skills of  candidates and takes off the stress that comes with shortlisting qualified candidates, so the new and improved best match.


  1. Marketing Team:  What was the determining factor for this product?

Product Team: It automatically shortlists 10 qualified candidates who meet the employers’ job description and also uses our complimentary assessment product to test for the best candidates.


  1. Marketing Team: How long did it take the team to come up with this new development?

Product Team: The planning process took us a total of about 4 months, and the delivery process took us about a month.


  1. Marketing Team: As an analyst with the product team, how do you determine what customers want and need?

Product Team: We held focus group sessions for employers to determine which features they most desired to be added to the already existing product and used the feedback we got from our customer experience team and sales teams from employers/customers.


  1. Marketing Team: Why was the delivery turnaround time increased?

Product Team: With the introduction of assessments into Best Match, the time it takes for applicants to submit their job applications also increases. That increased application duration translates to an extended turnaround time for a job listing to allow the platform receive enough qualified applicants for shortlisting.


  1. Marketing Team: What new features does the new Best Match have to offer?

Product Team: Employers who purchase Best MatchM 2.0 get a complimentary assessment credit. Employers can see the reason why an applicant was selected for Best Match. Employers can ask for a Best Matched candidate to be reviewed. Applicants deemed unqualified are requested to update their profiles before applying.


  1. Marketing Team: How are the candidates shortlisted?

Product Team: We leverage the expertise of our technology & recruitment consultants in matching the best candidates from the list of applicants to the specific requirements in your job description.

The technology recommends ideal candidates to the recruitment consultant who then, in turn, makes a final decision on who will be Best Matched. The recruitment consultant then “pushes” the candidates to the employer.


  1. Marketing Team: At Jobberman, we pride ourselves as the pacesetters in digital recruitment solutions, how have our digital solutions impacted employers and job seekers in Ghana?

Product Team: We use a bespoke mix of human and automated solutions to match employers with the best candidates, so they can hire the right fit faster, and we place Job seekers to their dream jobs.


  1. Marketing Team: Would you say finding the right candidates has become very easy now?

Product Team: It has become very easy, because an employer is sure of hiring the best fit, as their skills are being tested, and employers are only matched to qualified candidates out of the numerous applications.


  1. Marketing Team: So BEST MATCH 2.0 is specifically employer-focused. How about the job seeker out there? How do they get noticed and connected to employers?

Product Team: Best match 2.0 has also improved the job application process, as job seekers are now prompted if they do not meet the requirements of a job they’re applying for, Job seekers are also prompted to update their profile before applying for a job if the profile has not been updated in the past 6 months.

Employers would also have the CV of 10 qualified candidates who passed the skills assessment test and meet the employers’ requirements.


  1. Marketing Team: What are the steps if an employer wants to access the BEST MATCH 2.0 solutions?

Below are the steps that will be taken to deliver the Best Match

  1. Awaiting Approval: The job advert will be vetted by admin to ensure the JD is on point then approved
  2. Accepting Applications: Listing goes live and applicants start applying
  3. Applications Closed – Requires Processing: Platform sends an email to the recruiter team for action
  4. Applications Closed – In Processing: Recruiter reviews system recommended applications and selects up to  10 best-matched candidates.
  5. Processed: Recruiter submits the 10 and an email is automatically sent to the employer with a shortlist.

13. Marketing Team: What are your final words for employers and job seekers?

Product Team: You can trust us for all your recruitment needs. We are there for our users, every step of the way. We provide our job seekers with personalized career guidance and match them with the right opportunities.


If you are an employer or recruiter, this is made just for you. Get matched with 10 BEST candidates in just 10 working days. This is a new way to match, and the best way to match. No pains, only gains.

Request a demo today. 


Genevieve Amponsah
Notification Bell