Jobberman Best 100 Companies to Work For in Ghana 2018 report Out

Jobberman Ghana ran the Best 100 Companies To Work For in Ghana to rate top employers. Here are the companies that made the list

Best 100 companies Ghana 2018

At Jobberman, we are excited to launch the first ever Best 100 Companies to Work for in Ghana report. The report ranks top employers based on a survey taken by former and current employees. The list of winners features organizations across different industries in the Ghanaian job market. Tullow Oil PLC took the crown, clinching the top spot, while audit firms like Deloitte and KPMG were among the top companies. The banking sector was not left behind with Bank of Ghana and Ecobank featuring among the top 10 best places to work.

We take this opportunity to congratulate all the Best 100 companies that made the 2018 list. It takes effort and dedication to provide not only a good pay package but also an all rounded conducive working environment for employees.

Looking for ways to feature as a top employer in Ghana? Find out how you can drive employee engagement in the workplace, foster loyalty and build a great company culture.

Meanwhile, let’s look at who made the list of the best 100 companies to work for in Ghana;  

Top ten companies on the list

Key industries ranked in the survey

Top 5 Banking Institutions

Top 5 Group of Companies

Top 5 media houses

Top 10 Oil Companies

Highlights of the demographic insights

  • The older demographics don’t rate companies as high, however, they are more likely to stay.
  • Entry-level employees value job security and pay highly, and although a majority of them rate their companies higher, they are likely to leave to pursue these traits.
  • Mid-level employers value pay and proximity, they rated their companies the lowest on average and are more likely to leave, to pursue these traits.
  • 0-2 yrs employees are happiest with their current workplace and are less likely to stay.



The process of selecting the top 100  involved an online survey targeted at workers in all sectors through social media, email and our extensive database of professionals and experts across industries.The survey captured questions on work experience, salary parameters and working conditions. The survey focused on Gender, Age, Employment Status, Monthly Salary, Current Organization of Employment, Reasons for Commitment to Current Employer and others

Respondent Categorization

The categorization of respondents for the Best 100 Companies was based on the premise that employed respondents are better qualified to provide accurate and unbiased views on their current or past organizations.

All respondents were classified according to Age Bracket, Seniority Level, Monthly Salary and duration at the company. Only seniority level had a weighting and impact on the final results, with the senior level carrying the most weighting and entry-level carrying the least. The Business Owner level carried no weighting so as not to make the results biased.

Nominations by current and former employees had a higher weighting than those who nominated companies based on hearsay or public perception. The final scores per company were then normalized to take account of companies who have thousands of employees. Only companies confirmed to have more than 50 employees were considered in the final result.

The major work parameters responsible for the satisfaction ratings indicated above were centered primarily on Monthly Salary, Work/Life Balance, Career Growth and Advancement, Welfare Benefits and Job Security in order of importance.


How to rank as one of the best 100 companies to work for

The top 100 companies to work for are determined by the general public, industry experts and current employees. This is how your organization can also rank high on the list;


  • Nurture a sense of pride

Build your brand into one that your employees will be proud to be associated with, support them with incentives and policies that will encourage them to embody your vision, mission and values.

  • Overhaul your company culture

Your company culture is what determines whether employees will love going to work or absolutely despise the experience. Create a culture that harnesses the strengths of all individuals and promotes an enriching work environment.

Provide opportunities for employees to expand their skills and grow into new roles and opportunities because if they can’t grow with you, growth will take them away from you.

  • Provide a competitive salary & benefits package:

One thing that the top 10 companies have in common is the competitive salary & benefits package they offer. Giving remuneration that is in sync with industry standards is a sure way to endear current and future employees to you.

For a detailed analysis of the report, download your copy here 

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