Benefits Package: What To Negotiate For Apart From Your Salary

There are situations where a company can’t offer a financial benefit to employees at the given time. What then can an employee negotiate apart from salary?

For many people, the most important thing to consider in terms of a new job role is the salary. The belief is that so long as the salary is good, you are sorted as an employee. The truth, however, is that there are many things that an employee can benefit from his employment package apart from salary; if he intends to have a long fruitful career in the organisation. Also, there are situations where a company is not in a position to offer financial benefits to employees at the given time. What then can an employee negotiate apart from salary?

Pension Benefits

This seems to be taken for granted but many employees or contract workers have paid dearly for not asking about pension payments when the had the chance. Some have outright negotiated it out of their contracts and insisting instead on a salary increase. The trick is to negotiate your salary without bringing pension payments into the dialogue into the negotiations. When the negotiations are about done, you bring the fact that you are legally entitled to pension payments, and as such you are expecting them. Also, you should periodically check to see if the payments are being made.

Health Insurance Benefit

While negotiating your salary, ask about health insurance and how comprehensive it is. Sometimes you might be unable to get the amount you desire and will have to dial down on the figure but a comprehensive health insurance that covers your immediate family might be a deal sweetener to make you consider the amount.

Paternity/Maternity Allowances

Especially for married people who intend to start a family in the near future, it is important to negotiate for flexibility in relation to your family. You can negotiate for insurance coverage for your children, paternity or maternity leave with pay and many others.

Commute Allowance

If your workplace is quite a distance from where you live, you can negotiate a non-taxable transportation allowance. This may come in the form of transportation arrangements or a non-taxable amount of money. Either way, it will reduce the pressure on your net income


Do not underestimate how much office-provided lunch can boost your finances. When considering what benefits you can negotiate for in lieu of a higher salary, always ask about lunch packages.

Enyonam Damesi
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