5 Types of People You Should Never Hire

As a business owner do you ever dread your employees’ attitude could be the cause of your stunt growth? Here are 5 types of people you should never hire.

As a business owner in Ghana do you ever dread your employees’ attitude could be the cause of your stunt growth? The attitude of your employees matters in the performance of your business.

In human resource management, competence plays a vital role in building a successful business, yet the attitude of employees matters.

How do you hire the right people to grow your business? Here are 5 traits of people you should never hire.

1. Product/ Company Ignorant

Have you ever met an employee who has no idea about your business, product, or services? That seems unrealistic. But it is real. This is what happens when the wrong people are hired. The ignorant employee has no clear understanding of their responsibilities and has no clue how their role impacts the business.

Employees are expected to be brand ambassadors of their companies. Since the ignorant employee do not understand the vision of the company, this is a clear sign that they do not have the company’s interest at heart and cannot help the business grow.

2. The One who Lacks Self- Motivation

Unmotivated people lack interest and have no passion for what they do. Motivation is always the driving force behind every individual’s actions. So then if the people in your team are not enthused about what they do this will cause the business to fail.

Ideally, every employee must have a sense of self-motivation. That is the will to take initiatives, implement and achieve their goals without the influence of others. Enthusiasm is what makes employees go above and beyond for their companies.

Now answer this question; do your employees exhibit a sense of enthusiasm in their work? If the answer is no, then it means they lack self-motivation.

Sometimes the employees who exhibit little or no enthusiasm may be in the wrong jobs. And being in the wrong job could affect their input which in the long run affects the business. This is one major reason why employers must always consider hiring the right fit for the job.

3. The One with No Critical Thinking Skills

In every job, technical competency is key, yet critical thinking is needed in order to undertake any form of work. Every job is a thinking job.

No matter the level of work you need the ability to think to bring an idea to reality. It may interest you to know that some professionals lack this skill and it becomes difficult for them to connect and understand ideas.

4. The one Who Lacks Problem Solving Skills

Almost 90% of entrepreneurs and business owners consider problem-solving skills as an essential trait of a star employee. People with excellent problem solving skills are creative and very innovative.

These are the professionals who make the business grow because they understand the direction of the business, know the pain points of their customers, and are ready to find solutions to them. They are proactive and always want to get things done.

When people lack these vital skills they are unable to identify problems let alone solve them. Poor problem-solving skills have caused some businesses to fail. As an SME business owner, in your hiring process make sure never to hire people who lack problem-solving skills.

5. The Unteachable One

Have you ever had an experience with that one person who seems to know it all? Yes, that person who projects to be knowledgeable yet has no idea of whatever it seems to be?

When you spot such a trait in an individual, never waste your time on hiring them. The unteachable person is overconfident and not ready to learn. This type of person, when thinking of effective ways to do things, will not even bother to try it, but trash it immediately without giving it extra thought.

As a business owner, you have a goal to achieve your best and you need the right people who are open to new ideas and ready to go on that excelling journey with you.

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Genevieve Amponsah
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