5 Relationship Tips to Consider in The Workplace Today

Have you ever had a crush on a coworker and felt he/she will be a perfect match? Here are 5 things to consider if you decide to date a coworker.

Relationship at work

Perhaps before giving you advice about how to have a successful relationship at the workplace, I should advice you not to do it. The reality is different, and very often people end up having a relationship and even getting married with a work mate.

When we spend more than half of the day, five days from seven, in the same place, with the same people, it’s almost impossible not to feel attracted to someone. And probable that many times, when our life gravitates around career and when the job keeps us busy all the time, a relationship at the workplace might even be a good idea; if we do it right.

Here are five intelligent ways to combine businesses with the pleasure!

1. Date Someone You Know

You will have a certain confidence if you already have a relation of friendship with a person before getting involved in a relationship of another kind. If you want to date that cute guy from another department, then take it easy until you’ll be able to realize if you have both the necessary emotional maturity to manage a romance at the workplace.

2. Be honest with your expectations

When you date someone from the workplace, you must have similar expectations regarding the direction in which your relationship goes and to discuss about this from the beginning. If one of you wants a long term relationship and the other just wants to flirt a little, you will have problems.

3. Establish limits

If you get involved with someone from the workplace, discuss about how you’ll deal with the situation. Will you tell anybody? Will you discuss emotional problems at work or work problems at home? Maybe it’s not the most romantic thing, but such a discussion, at the beginning of the relationship, will save you from many problems and will keep your private life and career in a balance.

4. Keep the Relationships Outside the Workplace

Enjoy activities outside the office. If problems occur at the workplace or your relationship ends, you will be happy to have other satisfactions in your life and other persons who can support you.

5. When Breakup Occurs, Do it Mild

Let’s be honest – not all relationships are successful. Discuss from the beginning about how you will manage the breakup. Show some consideration. It’s easy if you’re the one who initiates the conversation. And if you do it, do it on Friday, don’t wait until Monday. It’s nothing more difficult than to be needed to focus on your job when your heart is broken.

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Nathan Jeffery
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