5 Online Courses That Can Get You Hired Fast Today

The world is changing and it’s definitely affecting the way we do things as human beings. Technology is ultimately gaining grounds in Africa as most people are beginning to embrace the new normal.

This change has affected how business is done and the increase demand for certain job in various industries.  As a result of technology, universities across the world are enrolling students into their institutions to acquire knowledge and for the working class to upskill in their field of work.

To bridge the gap between these universities and students, UNICAF online learning platform offers degree and certificate programmes from reputable universities in the UK and USA which gives you the opportunity to enjoy quality higher education and the convenience of a learning experience that suits your schedule. And these courses gets you ready for the job market since there is an increase in demand of industry professionals.

Here are 5 in-demand online professional courses you can take advantage of today to get you hired fast.

1. Supply Chain Management And Logistics


The world of business has evolved over time, while new businesses emerge, the primary goal is to take advantage of new trade opportunities. This makes it clear that the supply chain industry will definitely continue to be relevant and be the lifeline to organisations. Grow with the trend and build a career in supply chain management and logistics. UNICAF offers a fully online degree course in supply chain management that equips you better for the job market.

Currently in Ghana, there are new job openings, competitive salaries, and there is a  strong potential for advancement in supply chain management.

2. Accounting And Finance


Accounting and Finance are one of the most sorts after professionals in Ghana. Studying accounting comes with vast opportunities, career progression and enables you to develop skills suitable for more than just the finance sector. Take advantage of UNICAF online course and obtain a degree in accounting in one of the world’s best university in Europe and the USA.

3. Public Health

In recent times there has been an increase in demand for health professionals. Taking a Masters degree in Public Health is not only timely but promises to be rewarding. This fully-online degree programme from the University of Suffolk explores a broad range of contemporary public health issues and is designed for students intending to pursue careers in public health practice, research and management, whether at the local, national or international level.

4. Mass Communications

mass media

Communication is the essence of life. Effective communication breeds efficiency and productivity. Studying mass communications gives you an array of knowledge in different fields; including entertainment, media relations, advertising, broadcast and digital media, public relations and journalism. This gives you a wider option to choose from a number of career opportunities. This is because every organisation thrives on at least one branch of mass communications. If you are seeking to advance in your career in Mass Communications think of UNICAF.

5. Web Design and Development

website development

We are in a digital age and almost all organisation leverage on digital means to ensure business continuity. In Ghana today, the need for web and software developers are on the rise. And it is imperative that you obtain higher education in Web Design and Development to grab this opportunity. UNICAF gives you the chance to become efficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and practical knowledge which enable you to advance in your career and build your capacity for the international market.

Stand out in the crowd. Enroll at UNICAF today for a better future. Unicaf gives you access to both short courses and fully-online degree programmes from reputable universities across the world so you can enjoy quality-higher-education from the convenience of your home.

Be the first to be hired and take your career to the next level. Visit www.unicaf.org today to register.

Genevieve Amponsah
Genevieve is a Communications Specialist at Jobberman Ghana, who focuses on developing data driven content that tackles the pain points of jobseekers, employers and employees. Her experiences span from media broadcasting, to communications & digital marketing, content marketing, SEO content writing & copy writing, social media & community management as well as digital analytics. She is that enthusiastic storyteller, you will surley want to engage. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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