Why Employers Use Skills Assessments Test

Our skills assessments test is a sure way to narrow down the best applicants for a job interview. Here are the reasons you should use it.

Sifting through a whole lot of CVs to pick the best candidate for the job can be time-consuming. A sure way to narrow down the list of applicants for a job interview is by using the skills assessments test. Skills Assessments are tailored tests that allow employers and hiring managers to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for a specific role.

At Jobberman, we believe connecting the right people to the employer(s) boosts productivity since a well-performing employee is a great asset to every organization.

However, the most efficient way of looking beyond the CV and hiring right is by including the skills assessments test in your job listings. Here are 4 reasons why you need to include skills assessments in your job listings.

1. To Make Informed Hiring Decisions

The success of every organisation depends on human resource. Having the right kind of personnel in your organisation is certainly the way of achieving success as a company.  Aberdeen Group study indicates that making informed hiring decisions can be a game-changer for the future success of every organisation. Skills assessments tests allow hiring managers to know who best fits the role and will be a great addition to their team.

2. To Discover Who Has The Right Skills

Skills Assessment tests help employers/hiring managers to evaluate the required knowledge and skills of candidates. It enable employers to know if a candidate is being honest in their CV and they can really do what they say they can. Based on the experience levels of each candidate, the assessment is able to determine the strengths of each candidate. Jobberman skills assessments have unique tests for all major job categories so it is easier to set up tests.

3. It Saves Time and Money

Using the skills assessments make the recruitment process faster and efficient. It takes a shorter period of time to know who is the best fit for the job and also saves you time by eliminating unqualified candidates quickly and easily. Thereby saving your organisation the pain and cost of hiring the wrong candidates and focusing on interviewing the best candidates.  With Jobberman Skills Assessments you are able to use one test for all applicants making it cost-effective.

4. To Objectively Compare Candidates

Every test taken by a candidate is recorded and accurate results are provided after each test. The report lets you objectively differentiate among candidates who seem to have the same education and experience levels. It gives you the opportunity to know who is a beginner, an intermediate and an expert in their field. So using skills assessments absolutely gives you quality over quantity.

Skills assessments tests have proven to make the recruitment process fast and convenient. Use the Jobberman skills assessments to hire the best team to move your organisation forward.

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Genevieve Amponsah
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