3 Effective Ways To Pre-screen Candidates for A Job

Adopting effective pre-screening exercises to make a good hiring decision should be a priority. This helps separate the best candidates.

According to recruiters, job interviews are considered a very important part of the selection and hiring process. This period is more often used by employers to find out if the candidate fits the role based on how well they are able to articulate their skills and knowledge for the available role. This is because curriculum vitae do not always tell the full stories.

As a recruiter, you do not want to waste time and money interviewing unqualified candidates. Adopting effective pre-screening exercises to finally make a good hiring decision should be a priority. This helps separate the most appropriate candidates from the rest of the candidates and saves employers the lengthy interview process for only the best ones.

Here are 3 tips on how to make sure you spend time interviewing only the competent applicants.

Phone Interviews

A phone interview is one way of sorting candidates for a role. Doing this helps employers determine if a candidate should be scheduled for a face to face interview. Moreover, the phone interview enables employers to ascertain if the candidates have realistic expectations and have the required education, knowledge and experience needed to do the job.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Using the applicant tracking system (ATS) automatically filters job applicants. It can score applicants CV  and present you with only candidates with relevant keywords which relates to the job. It is one of the fastest ways to eliminate unqualified candidates when sourcing for the best talent for a role. Making use of the ATS can track all applicants and categorize them per your specifications. This process is mostly used by recruiters to shortlist candidates for an interview.

Skills Assessments

As an employer, the prerequisite expectation from job applicants is to know if the candidate can do the job or not. To ensure you objectively compare candidates and make the best hiring decisions, skills assessments tools are the best means do the evaluation and pick the best fit with the relevant hard skills (technical skills) for the job.

With this information, you can make a final decision whether to consider the candidate the job as well as to determine if s/he will be an asset to the organization.

Jobberman currently offers skills assessments tools that allow employers to test for the best. With the Jobberman skills assessment test, every test taken by a candidate is recorded and accurate results are provided after each test. The report lets you objectively differentiate among candidates and it is free from bias.

Test for the best with the skills assessment tests and hire talented employees and save time and money. Click here to request a demo.

The video below gives an overview of how job applicants take the skills assessments test.




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