Terrific Scientific Busters
Industry Education
Type Direct Employer
Employees 5-10
About Terrific Scientific Busters

Terrific Scientific Busters was founded by Vanessa Ohemaa Abena Mensah, a Childhood Studies graduate with a love for science and a passion for children.

Vanessa has worked with children in the United Kingdom within the education sector for 9 years. Throughout her childhood and working life experiences, Vanessa appreciated and understood the importance of hands-on practical learning that was not only impactful but also fun!

Science is all around us, we are surrounded by technology and the products of science every day, however, some children still form a negative opinion about science due to their experiences. The opinions children form are usually shortly after beginning school, therefore it is essential that children’s early experiences engaging in science are positive. Through the aim to create a service that enabled children to have fun as they experience,  experiment and explore the wonders of science, Terrific Scientific Busters was created!

Head Quarters Accra, Ghana
Founded 2010
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