Get It Straight! Image Is A Great Part of Your Career

Get It Straight! Image Is A Great Part of Your Career

Each workplace comes with its own culture; culture which comes to be carved by rules, customs and conventions over time.

Different occupations call for different approaches to work, yet professionalism is not peculiar to a particular field. No matter which industry, professional conduct could be distinguished.

It is generally believed that the workplace is meant for serious laid down processes geared towards productivity. For many though, this place has come to be home considering the volume of time they spend there.

Colleagues build relationships that make it easier to call one another family. Around family is where one freely does anything. Mind you, this place isn’t totally home!

The more comfortable one gets the more essential it becomes to hold on to ethical values lest they misconduct themselves.

Image, according to communications experts, is everything!

You leave an initial impression of yourself on other’s minds more effectively through what is seen rather than what you say. In essence, your substance may seem worthless if you do not carry yourself in a manner typical of the intent.

To project the right image of yourself, consider the following;

Wear the right outfit.

Who determines what clothes are right? Well… Your industry and job type should give a fair idea what clothing is appropriate. Your sense of style may influence greatly what you clothe your body with. But remember, ‘you are addressed by the way you dress’ so make the right statement. Accept it; whenever you were confidently dressed, strangers’ attitude towards you was more favourable than when you looked your average. You do not want to misrepresent your ideas or thoughts by throwing on the ‘wrong’ outfit. Do not throw colours all over the place. Though blocking colours appears very bold, but the wrong blend could be a disaster.

Keep those shoes on.

Do not move away from your desk or working area bare-footed. We all know what it feels like to be in tight-fitting shoes for long hours, but this doesn’t mean anyone would be delighted to see your naked feet. Have comfy footwear which is still considered appropriate depending on your occupation, as a backup plan.

Don’t make or carry the gossip.

Office gossip is some great source of info. You want to know what goes round; it kind of keeps you abreast with the times and happenings. But you should not be caught dead propagating or initiating gossip. It’s unhealthy; soils your image and leaves you scarred on the minds of colleagues. As much as possible, do not draw yourself into embarrassing situations that make you subject of gossip.

Drinking on the job is a no-no!

Work and alcohol do not mix unless you are a self-made artist or grave-digger who grabs inspiration from some level of intoxication. You know your body better than anyone and may argue that alcohol does it for you but at the same time, it may be undermining your abilities before the people who matter in your career and work life.

Sleeping on the job may be suicidal.

It does not portray you as the over-working employee, no! Whatever your role, play it at in good timing. Insist on a Have enough rest while you are off duty. Sleep is known to refresh your brain and revitalise your body. Unreasonably stressing yourself would only cause you to break down.

Do not walk into work with a story of the night before telling on you.

A sleep-out is the first on every mind when you walk in with clothes from the previous day. Your hangover is written all over you. It tells on you and your general performance at work. This occurrence is bad enough for your reputation even the first time. Your personal worries; disaster breakups, family feuds, bankruptcy; would do well if you isolated them from your work.

Knowing your job alone has proven not to be enough. Blending work skills and a great self-image do a lot to project you as the employee, boss, or business partner any serious firm yearns to be associated with.




Jide Otoki
Notification Bell