Best Answers to the Top 5 Bugging IT Interview Questions

Worried about how you can answer the most Bugging IT interview questions? Here are 5 of them with the best answers to Ace your IT interview. Read more…

Getting an interview call can be exciting until you are set before an actual panel to prove your worth.  Yes, it’s not the sitting that’s the problem but finding the right words for the questions that can be absolutely “nerve wracking”. How you can score points depend on how well you’ve prepared yourself. Here are questions you should expect and the best answers:

1. What do you consider as your quick solution to a troubleshoot problem?

As you may already know, being a tech “Guru” requires that you have the magic for most (if not all) network issues. Thus, your answer to this question should not be a hit-or-miss guess. What you need to do here is to give a step-by-step guide on an effective troubleshoot process.

Example:In troubleshooting, I first ensure that I have gathered enough information from users experiencing the issue to identify the problem. Next, I develop a theory on how the problem came about and put it to testing. If the theory is correct, I implement a common solution. If not, I escalate the problem or develop a new theory to fix it. I then implement the solution, test it and add preventive measures so the problem does not repeat itself”.

2. How familiar are you with specific programming languages?

Here, the recruiter wants to see how comfortable you are with ‘tech’ language. Do you need to sound like a specialist? No, you don’t. Employers like to know your willingness to learn more and upgrade. You can mention what you know and what you are learning about currently.

Example: “I’m very familiar with Ruby and I am happy to dive into learning more about Java. I enjoy working in new languages.”

3.  Why is it important to stay updated on the most recent technology trends?

This is a question you must look forward to. The tech world is an ever-evolving sector and employers are looking for candidates who know the in-and-out of the industry.

Example:As an IT person, I have strong beliefs in learning about new tech developments. As part of my duties in troubleshooting, I can only be best at what I do when I constantly engage with technology and its new methods. I do this by learning more on tech blogs, seeking expert advice and subscribing daily to tech news updates. Currently, I am doing a lot of studying on the latest tech development known as chatbot”.

4. With a vast number of resources out there, which tools do you find most useful as an IT professional?

Dear Tech ‘nerd’, which IT tool or resource are you most familiar with? Before you apply for an IT job, you should be well vexed in the best advanced tools for looking up information and solving troubleshoot problems.

Example:  “There are lots of resources out there such as Ninite and PC Decrapifier available for IT professionals. However, I personally find Microsoft TechNet to be most useful because it is a good place for finding real solutions to tough issues. There you will find a large library and other IT professionals who offer useful IT tips in times of difficulties”.

5. As demanding as Tech work can be, how will you manage high volume work?

Recruiters ask this to look into your personality. How good you are with time and stress management says a lot about you. What they are looking for is; your organizational skills, ability to work under pressure and your problem solving efficiency.

Example: “I will manage high volume work by prioritizing work from important to least important depending on company needs. I will also ensure quick solution implementation and multi tasking when possible. In doing this, I will bear in mind the need for quality and move work to the next day as long as I communicate it to colleagues and customers as I manage expectations properly”.

‘Tech’ interviews can be ‘nerve wracking’. However, you can break the norm once you know what to say and expect. Good preparation is all it takes. This you can achieve with the right mind and the right ‘hacks’.

Have you had any ‘Tech’ interview experience in the past? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Nelly Sadongo-Bawa
Notification Bell